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shy babe public gyno examination

Janet placed her fingers under the fabric at Kristen’s shoulders, then gently peeled back the clothing, first revealing Kristen’s bare back, and ending up with her laying only in her white bikini underwear. Kristen didn’t seem to object to the presence of a small audience (two other girls had joined us to see what was […]

embarrassing medical

I really got nervous seeing that and knowing it was set up for me. The assistant came in and then I noticed that there were two speculums on the tray she told me to choose the one that would be used on me explaining that if I had never inserted anything in my vagina I […]

embarrassed teen gyno story with videos

She stepped out from behind the screen in the gown and looked good enough to probe. But first, he had to perform the preliminaries. Seated on the exam table, he checked her eyes, ears, throat, etc. Now, it was time for the good stuff. He opened her gown from the back and slid it down […]

Jane Physical Checkup with Dr.Tushy

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