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medical fetish brunette

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Once in the room, Nancy started unbuttoning my uniform.  “No,” I repeated.She smiled.  “No nerves now,” she said.  I didn’t move away.

Nancy kept undressin g me and was taking off my bra.  Rachel slipped in the door and stood there watching.  I glanced behind me–Susanne was wearing only her panties!  “This will help,” ...Read more.

New neighbours medical exam

“It’s a lot nicer if you keep it short and trimmed - but, we have other
things to take care of,” Sue said. “In the stirrups”, she giggled, as
she grabbed my feet and raised them off the bed. My legs spread and I
reached behind my knees to hold them up.
Doctor Tushy is your best ...Read more.

Gyno fetish ultimate offer

We would like to announce the ultimate medical fetish resource
gyno exam

” I’m going to insert one finger, initially, to examine you as far up as I can without instruments, then I’ll introduce more as I feel you begin to acclimate to the exam. We’ll be changing your position once more for ...Read more.

Medical porn story

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Doctor knows best
Author: Nicole (Book) in Sex & Relationships
Try to relax for me, Anne.”
“I’m trying.”
“Take deep breaths and allow the medication I gave you to work.”
Medical fetish movies

Blond slut Jessica thinks she is pregnant for she hasn’t had her menstruations for two months already. She comes to a gynecology clinic for a private gyno exam. ...Read more.

Medical porn pics

Back Problems
June had been seeing the chiropractor now for 2 years. In all that time
her back problem had come and go. After seeing Dr. V. for a couple of
visits her back would feel fine and she would go another 6 months with
no pain. Now she was heading back from some more stretching and disc

more free ...Read more.

Medical fetish illustrated story

Ashley’s Doctor Exam
Ashley was very nerveous as she layed on the gyno table waiting for the doctor. She had not been to the gyno in a few years: She always douched after her period, and never had any problems. Now at the age of 19, she was having a ...Read more.

Day with doctor

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A day to remember
Author: xxyx
The alarm wet off with a buzz 6:30 AM Monday April 11th. I rubbed the sleep from my eyes and got out of bed and headed to the shower. The water helped wash the sleepiness away. I ...Read more.

Sex play date

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A Meeting with Mindy
I’d been poking around on the ‘Net for a while, seeking new playmates. On one of the “alternative” boards, I found a young lady who appeared to be a match. We corresponded a bit, and she said she’d be in town in a day or two. ...Read more.

Tushy gyno exam samples

A nurse’s rectal exam by a patient
Prologue: I am a 34 year old lesbian RN who works in a clinic in Nevada. I am very guarded about my lesbianism so as not to alarm anyone in this homophobic world in which we live. Thus, no one at the clinic knows of ...Read more.

Woman examined

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Couldn’t Believe my Eyes
My first encounter with seeing a woman being examined was when I was a
teenager working for my uncle one summer. I use to fix appliances such
as refrigerators and washers. One day I got a service call to fix a
refrigerator for a doctor at his home. I got to the large two story ...Read more.

Gyno Catheter Exam

My Catheter Examination
This is a mostly true story. It happened when I was 19 years old. I am a
strawberry blonde with very curly hair and white skin and have always
been chubby with very round breasts. I had gone to a urologist at a
teaching hospital in my city for small amounts of urine escaping when I
would ...Read more.