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embarrassing medical

I really got nervous seeing that and knowing it was set up for me. The assistant came in and then I noticed that there were two speculums on the tray she told me to choose the one that would be used on me explaining that if I had never inserted anything in my vagina I […]

Exclusive first gyno exam story

I still remember it like it was yesterday. I had applied to go to college, and one item marked on the college’s response was “required physical exam.” I didn’t really know what that meant (I was soo naive!), so I asked my Mom about it. “Why Amy,” she said, “it means you will have to […]

Doctor and his nurse

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Jessie didnt bargain for a double attention when heading to the clinic. Yet the doctor was nice enough to ask the nurse to assist. First Jessie was shy but then relaxed under caring touch of the doctor and his nurse More gyno fetish videos at DOCTOR TUSHY