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teen first gyno exam

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Now Beth wasn’t breathing any more deeply than she had to. Druhler had given a nasty smirk when he walked in and saw her sitting naked on the table. He’d asked a few neutral questions, taken her blood pressure, popped a thermometer in her mouth (relief!), run a stethoscope over her chest and back, looked […]

Dianne’s visit to the gynaecologist

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I drove her to the appointment that morning, and walked with her to find the medical office. Compared to the rest of the buildings this company owns, the building she was told to go to was in a quiet location out of the main traffic flow. We didn’t see more than one or two other […]

ass licking story

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I could feel the juices in my pussy.  Without even thinking about it I went into a stall, pulled my skirt up, my panties down and started playing with my pussy. I was rubbing my clit with one hand, and fingering my pussy with the other. I put my right leg on the toilet to […]

big tits exam gyno story

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Then he said he needed to listen to her chest and heart. Without missing a beat, he took hold of the gown and slipped it forward over her shoulders, sliding it down until the whole top of her gown was resting in her lap. If Dianne had known this might happened, she might have worn […]

Sandras Medical Adventure

“Hello Sandra, please go behind the curtain and put on this gown.” he said handing her a hospital gown. She took the gown and went behind the curtain.The wall behind her was some sort of opaque glass and she couldn’t see through it, so she definitely couldn’t see the camera behind it next to Sarah […]

Judy undergo physical checkup porn

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“Please untie your gown for me Judy.” She didn’t even hesitate. I knew then that I had total control over her examination. I was encouraged now by the thought that she would comply with any of my demands. She continued to look a bit nervous, but that was to be expected. After all, she had […]

anal exam story

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She returned a minute later, but I was ready, sitting on the examination table.  With her came the receptionist!  At least I had assumed she was a receptionist, but soon I realized the  nurse had brought her to assist with the examination. The nurse had me return to the center of the floor and she […]

embarrassing gyno exam story

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“Very nice condition,” he said with only a hint of an Eastern accent.  “Very nice condition indeed.  Now, please lie back and put your feet in these stirrups.  We need to do an internal examination,” he said as he pushed my onto my back and swung some strange metal devices out from the foot of […]

playing nurse medical fetish story

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On Tuesday evening of that week there were two physical exams scheduled. The first was a 19 year old female student who needed a “sports” physical in order for her to participate in sports at her high school. I hadn’t recognized her name, ‘Amanda’, but I took a special interest in her physical description taken […]

pussy shaving before gyno exam

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Nurse Watkins now directed her attention to Nicole’s wet vagina, and after a moments indecision offered, You know of course that you will be given monthly exams by Dr. Corbin, and to make it easier for him, we recommend that our patients shave their vaginas!!! Really, Nicole replied unevenly, I’ve never done that before!?! Well […]

gyno exam kinky sex story

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So here comes a true story of my girlfriend’s gyno exam. She came to the doctor for a regular pap smear and then told me what happened behind the closed doors of the gyn office. She was told to get undressed as soon as she entered the room by an old male doctor. And then […]

virgin gyno exam

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I then had her lay back on the bed after removing everything and checked her abdomen and then moved to do a pelvic exam. I carefully inserted a small speculum soon bumping against her intact hymen. I checked as best I could and removed the speculum knowing I would be able to do a better […]