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Sandras Medical Adventure

“Hello Sandra, please go behind the curtain and put on this gown.” he said handing her a hospital gown. She took the gown and went behind the curtain.The wall behind her was some sort of opaque glass and she couldn’t see through it, so she definitely couldn’t see the camera behind it next to Sarah […]

gyno exam orgasm story

Then she began to put some jelly on her palm and slowly applied it to all of her fingers. I wondered when she put some cream around her finger wearing no gloves. She was preparing to inspect my vagina without using gloves . She entered one finger at the beginning then pushed another finger slowly […]

rectal exam video

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The nurse said: “I’m going to give you a rectal examination.” I couldn’t believe the words that had come out of her mouth. I’d never had a rectal exam before, nor had I ever had anything¬†inserted in my anus, so this surprised me completely. My stomach started sinking, but the nurse, knowing from experience that […]

two nurses gyno speculum story

I did as Debbie said and got the gown on and then they helped me to the table where the bags were hanging from the pole and the doctor was between the stirrups waiting for me to get into position. Each nurse stood on each side of the table with me. They helped me get […]

rectal thermometer girlfriend story

Let me tell you a story about my medical experience I call it: Rectal Thermometer Examination (kinky true story) With the exception of name changes, the story you are about to read is 100% true. my other examinations During 1986 through ?87 I shared an apartment with a 21-22 year old Italian female nymph. We’ll […]

sarah cavity search

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Sara was in trouble, real trouble.¬† Things had been going so well and she’d been having *such* a good time but now she found herseld in a small, dank jail cell, 8 feet by 6 feet and worse, the jail cell was deep in the heart of South America in a country where all she […]