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play doctor story

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She showed up. We had a meeting time at 6:30PM in the lobby. She looked good—reporting 33 y/o 5’6″ and 130 pounds, wearing a black knit top and khaki shorts, nice tan, feet in sandals. Said that she had just gotten her period (2 days early) but that she wanted to show up so I […]

rectal thermometer girlfriend story

Let me tell you a story about my medical experience I call it: Rectal Thermometer Examination (kinky true story) With the exception of name changes, the story you are about to read is 100% true. my other examinations During 1986 through ?87 I shared an apartment with a 21-22 year old Italian female nymph. We’ll […]

female gyno doctor video story

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Female  Doctor Tushy Laura Butt My name is Lucy Dawson. At the time of this examination I had just turned 22 years old. I had just graduated college, I had my own apartment and my credentials landed me a job in the corporate office of a very respectable company. The only thing standing between me […]

asian medical exam story

Kei’s Story, part One This story is about a young oriental girl from a small country in southeast Asia.  Her name is Kei, and she is 24 years old.  I have known Kei for 2 years. First, I will tell you about Kei.  Kei is a very shy and modest girl, probably the most modest […]

Jane Physical Checkup with Dr.Tushy

This story I’ve found somewhere on the net and have enriched it with my favorite DOCTOR TUSHY Speculums, enemas, anal examination, brest exam, regular gyno check made by nurses and doctors, sexy nurses examine each other, spanking and discipline content, strip searches by security guys. rare fetish movies and pics for only $39.95 I live […]

female medical check up porn

The doctor entered the room and exchanged hellos with my husband and then with me ” Hi my name is Dr. Keith Rinheartbower…you can call me Dr. Keith,” and he held out his hand. Nurse Gyno Exam Movies Teen blonde is too nervous and the nurse makes her relax before speculum exam I took it […]

Rectal checkup video

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“On my tummy?” I ask. “Yes, your tummy. It’s the most accurate way, remember?” “But I’d rather have you take it orally, it’s more, well, actually less embarrassing that way.” “Sorry, on your tummy now, let’s don’t drag this out, okay?” I still can believe you want to take my temp in my bottom. “Are […]

anal medical exam story

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for more visit gyno exam blog “Tonight we will be using some monitoring instruments during the session,” spoke the blond professor. “I don’t anticipate any major distractions after the aphrodisiac takes hold. I’ve collected some processed extract before hand in order to observe the interaction objectively.” John was disappointed by this disclosure, but pushed any […]

Two medical assistants gyno exam

Gallery 2I had never had a pre-employment physical before being hired for my present job, but this one time was a doozy. I’m 26, female, brunette and a professional secretary. During my last job interview my prospective boss, a handsome middle aged man, said he’d hire me (at a terrific salary) as soon as I […]

fake doctor medical exam story

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Doctor’s Office For years, I couldn’t always help but wonder what exactly went on in the offices of the doctors, most especially the gynecologists. I mean, let’s face it, here is a guy who has the opportunity to look at all the pussy he wants. A woman comes into his office and the first thing […]

Gynecology videos

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When I opened my eyes the doctor was holding a mirror, I was indeed just like a baby, there was not a single hair left on my pussy. The doctor had even used the cream around my anus. Mistress said “You are to keep you little twat shave Lori until I say different, it will […]

Annual Physical Exam Story

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more pictures for story  like this on young babes pass gyn exam God, I hate physicals.  Sometimes I think I’d rather die than go through the turmoil of my Annual Peek-Poke&Prod.  But, given that cancer of almost every female body part seems to run in my family, not going through the latter may very well […]