teen first gyno exam

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Now Beth wasn’t breathing any more deeply than she had to. Druhler had given a nasty smirk when he walked in and saw her sitting naked on the table. He’d asked a few neutral questions, taken her blood pressure, popped a thermometer in her mouth (relief!), run a stethoscope over her chest and back, looked her body over superficially. Now he was starting in on the female questions, assisted and prompted by this coven of witches. When had she last? Did she ever suffer from? Describe this as your natural scent? Any urinary problems? Bowels? Hmm, then I think I’d better take a good look at your . . . And there she was, legs up and parted, showing off everything to Druhler, and the other four. And whoever else: They hadn’t pulled the curtains in the office and she was showing her bush to anyone walking in the gardens outside. Druhler coopted Yvette and Mrs. Smythe to hold her legs in the absence of stirrups. And he looked. And peered, and prodded. And sniffed. Tugged hairs. And dabbed with a finger. Then he wanted to look inside, having the grace to warm up his various metal gadgets under a warm tap first. Balancing that, he opened her very wide, and kept her that way for longer than she was used to, prodding and exploring.


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