Dianne’s visit to the gynaecologist

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I drove her to the appointment that morning, and walked with her to find the
medical office. Compared to the rest of the buildings this company owns, the
building she was told to go to was in a quiet location out of the main
traffic flow. We didn’t see more than one or two other people the whole time
we were there. The medical office was small, with only a few chairs in the
waiting room.


There wasn’t anyone at the front desk when we arrived, and it took a few
minutes before we heard someone coming from the back area. It was a guy
maybe in his forties, and when he came in, he looked at both of us with what
I  thought was a little surprise. He was dressed in slacks and a shirt, with
what looked like three or four white smocks hanging over his arm.

He asked if he could help us, and we told him we were there for Dianne’s
medical report. He went over to the front desk, looked at a calendar there,
and asked for Dianne’s name. She gave it to him and I added that this was a
changed appointment from the one that was scheduled for the next day.


That seemed to help him out. He flipped through some pages and then said
something like, oh right, I see what you mean. Then he apologized for no one
being there when we came in because the nurse on duty that day was ill. He
asked us to wait a moment, and went back through the door to the examining


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