medical fetish hardcore

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Like Kate, each had visited a doctor last week, who did a quick exam and
a blood test.  In Kate’s case, her lover had told her simply that it was
needed in case they married.

But the others, more knowing, surely, had
gone for the express purpose of qualifying to be here tonight.  Now,
with everyone stripped-bare and with their genitals free for the taking,
a sense of wonderment was replaced by crass lust.  Females quit playing
with males and openly yanked on their dicks, seeing if they could make
the men shoot on the rug.  Bosoms, kissed lightly before by females
loving females, were bitten now, boldly, leaving red hickeys behind.
Bottoms were slapped and kisses became prolonged.  On the chair, the
brunette, trapped by her two female lovers, found herself being licked
to death by the woman lying beneath her.  Her other lover, meanwhile,
pulled her finger out of the brunette’s ass so that the mustard-toting
man could squirt his squeeze bottle up where the brunette needed least
to feel hot stinging mustard.


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