teen medical checkup story

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As she untied her gown, it slipped slowly down as I moved away
the portion that covered her smooth shoulders. She gathered it just at
the cleavage of her breasts and held it there, covering half of those
perfectly round beauties, while I moved the stethoscope over her bare
back. The profile of those round beauties were clearly visible as I
explored her shapely back.

“Take a deep breath for me please… good… let it out. Again
please. Out… Again… out please… and so on.”

She complied so willingly. I peeked at those perfectly round
breasts she was so sheepishly trying to cover as I moved the
stethoscope around to her chest.

Now came the moment of revelation!

“Let the gown drop to your waist please.”

There it went!… Oh, God! What magnificent breasts! She
didn’t make an effort to cover them either. Well, what for? She knew I
would be getting my hands on them next. She was breathing very shallow
now… I surmised it must be her embarrassment. She certainly couldn’t
be ashamed of that great body though.

I moved the stethoscope around those beautiful round breasts
carefully while being very professional.My penis was getting rock
hard! I had to lean against the edge of the exam table, as I became
self conscious of my growing excitement. I next took out the blood
pressure sleeve and attached it to her shapely arm.


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