Judy undergo physical checkup porn

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“Please untie your gown for me Judy.”
She didn’t even hesitate. I knew then that I had total control over her examination. I was encouraged now by the thought that she would comply with any of my demands. She continued to look a bit nervous, but that was to be expected. After all, she had to KNOW I was going to see her naked eventually! I’m sure that thought was prominently on her mind. I know it was on mine!
As she untied her gown, it slipped slowly down as I moved away the portion that covered her smooth shoulders. She gathered it just at the cleavage of her breasts and held it there, covering half of those perfectly round beauties, while I moved the stethoscope over her bare back. The profile of those round beauties were clearly visible as I explored her shapely back.
“Take a deep breath for me please… good… let it out. Again please. Out… Again… out please… and so on.”
She complied so willingly. I peeked at those perfectly round breasts she was so sheepishly trying to cover as I moved the stethoscope around to her chest.
Now came the moment of revelation!

“Let the gown drop to your waist please.”
There it went!… Oh, God! What magnificent breasts! She didn’t make an effort to cover them either. Well, what for? She knew I would be getting my hands on them next. She was breathing very shallow now… I surmised it must be her embarrassment. She certainly couldn’t be ashamed of that great body though.
I moved the stethoscope around those beautiful round breasts carefully while being very professional.My penis was getting rock hard! I had to lean against the edge of the exam table, as I became self conscious of my growing excitement. I next took out the blood pressure sleeve and attached it to her shapely arm.
Looked right into her eyes while I pumped up the sleeve and released it, recording a very UP systolic. Also due to nerves no doubt. I noticed that her nipples were now perking out a bit. Oh my… I was enjoying this so much!
” Now I’d like you to please lie back on the table Judy,” I said while adjusting the head of the table to move down even with the rest of the table.
She carefully swung her legs up, holding her gown in back again and then scooted back on the exam table, laying down perfectly flat while covering her exposed breasts with her hands.
I stood over her and gently moved both of her arms away from her protected globes, telling her to place them folded under her head while I examined both breasts for possible lumps or small cysts.
Again, perfect cooperation with my requests! I leaned on the edge of the exam table again… my penis was so hard! I moved slowly over her right breast first, so soft in my hand. I did small circles starting from outer and working to inner breast. Then the areole and nipple. I pinched the nipple; at first very gently, then hard, getting a quick gasp of air and an “oooooh” from my helpless examinee.
“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt you,” I replied.
“Thats O.K… they’re just a bit more sensitive than usual,” she said. I did the same with the other one. Same reaction. She closed her eyes during this part of her examination, so I enjoyed it even more, rubbing my penis from time to time with my free hand. This was getting me so hot! You can’t imagine how excited I was!
“Is there any tenderness here Judy?”
“No sir,” came her faint reply.     “Here?” as I gently massaged her soft breast on and around her rose tinted areole.
She nodded her head in the negative. I massaged gently… oh, my aching nuts! Feeling her breasts were unbelievable! And chatting with her while doing it… wow!
“Do you do regular breast self-exams Judy?”
“Well… not like I should doctor. Just sometimes, while showering.”
“Show me how you do it please.”
She placed her right palm open on her exposed left breast and just moved it in here and there. I was enjoying this… you just wouldn’t understand how erotic it was to see this shapely young thing lying under my gaze, unclothed, and touching her breasts!
I reassured her that her technique of self-examination was very correct… reminding her to go over any area where she felt even a slight lump or difference in `feel’. I also assured her that my examination found nothing to be alarmed about.

I now slipped my hand slowly down her ribs, stomach and lower abdomen, pushing here and there on beautiful brown soft flesh. Dare I go lower with my probing hand, I asked myself? Yes… what the heck! I’m sure I had her confidence now, and she knew how thorough I had been to this point. I slipped my hand even lower, going inside and
beneath her gown, which was just loosely covering her anyway. I touched her `mons pubis’ briefly, getting a slight reaction from her… a slight gasp of breath.


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