virgin gyno exam

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I then had her lay back on the bed after removing everything and checked her abdomen and then moved to do a pelvic exam. I carefully inserted a small speculum soon bumping against her intact hymen. I checked as best I could and removed the speculum knowing I would be able to do a better exam later.I then asked if she was ready and she quickly told me to do it. I attached the device which slipped under her hips and her weight helped to hold it in place and then slid the device forward until it moved over her clit and the blade was set to the desired length. Betty held a mirror to see exactly where it was placed and when we finally had everything in place I explained to her that when she pushed the button the device would release a spring loaded blade cutting her excess clit length off and if there was any bleeding I would use an electro cautery device to take care of it. I then started to massage her clit and stroke her breasts to help her reach an orgasm as she

planned to push the button at the exact time of her orgasm. Betty was soon moaning with pleasure since the long clit was extremely sensitive and as I rolled her clit and nipple in my fingers she was soon on the verge of an orgasm .


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