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“Okay, Claire, now I’m going to check your vitals. Let’s start with you temperature. Open your mouth and keep this under your tongue for a few minutes.” She ordered.

I held the thermometer in my mouth. After about three minutes, the nurse removed it and looked at the reading. After writing it down in my chart she looked back up at me.

“Hmm, One hundred and one point two. It’s slightly elevated. Now I’ll take your pulse, respirations, and blood pressure. Just relax and I’ll be done quickly.” Nurse Amanda smiled.

I took a few deep, cleansing, calming breaths before nurse Amanda took my wrist. She counted my pulse for a few seconds. My vitals were skyrocketing. I was extremely nervous about being examined by a male physician. A few seconds later, the tightness of the now fully inflated blood pressure cuff around my arm snapped me out of my reverie. She had her stethoscope over my artery, listening for the pulse. After a few seconds, she deflated the cuff and replaced the sphygmomanometer to it’s proper place. She then wrote all my vitals down in my chart. Nurse Amanda looked up at me sympathetically.

“Well, your pulse is a little fast at eighty, and your respirations are quick and shallow at twenty five. Your diastolic blood pressure is normal at seventy, but your systolic is a little high at one hundred and forty seven. You’re nervous, aren’t you?” The nurse asked concernedly.

“Yes. I’ve just never like doctors I mean, it’s nothing personal. I guess I just have a pretty bad case of white coat.” I admitted.

“That’s perfectly normal. Well, I’m done here. I’ll go tell the doctor that you’re ready for him. He might want do draw some blood later on, so be prepared for that, and he’ll probably be checking your vitals again. Good luck and see you later.” Nurse Amanda said.

“Bye.” I replied.

Draw some blood? I hate needles! This was not going the way I had planned it to at all. I sat there, panicking to myself for a few minutes before I heard a gentle knock on the door. It was now or never, this was the moment of truth. A couple of seconds later, the door opened and the doctor walked in. The first thing that popped into my head was: my God is he ever handsome! Six foot four, about a hundred and ninety pounds, and looked about twenty seven years old. He was lean and muscular. His hands were large, but looked exquisitely gentle. He had mahogany hair, and vivid, electric blue eyes. He looked me over appraisingly and smiled patronisingly. Only then had I realised I was swinging my legs over the edge of the examination table. I was naturally fidgety, it was a nervous habit. The doctor poured over my chart for a moment before looking up at he and reaching his hand out to shake mine. His grip was firm, but gentle. He smiled broadly as he introduced himself.

“Hello, Claire, I’m Dr. Mark Winslow.” He said. 

He was British! His voice was deep and sexy, each word sliding silkily over the last. It sent a shiver up my spine. It was a turn on all on it’s own. I had to bite my tongue to keep from jumping him right there and then. I took a deep, steadying breath before speaking.

“Hi.” I replied.

“How are you today?” Dr. Winslow inquired.

“Fine, thanks.” I answered. 

For a few minutes he asked me questions about just life in general, how school was going and things like that. I was becoming more comfortable with him by the second. Maybe this wasn’t going to be all too horrible after all. My vitals were coming down a bit as he put me at ease.


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