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undressed for gyno exam

She showed up. We had a meeting time at 6:30PM in the lobby. She looked good—reporting 33 y/o 5’6″ and 130 pounds, wearing a black knit top and khaki shorts, nice tan, feet in sandals. Said that she had just gotten her period (2 days early) but that she wanted to show up so I knew that she was real. I had made up my mind that this exam was going to happen! So, we went into the bar and had a couple of drinks-my mission being to get her comfortable and talking about “playing doctor” and then back to the room.

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And, after two drinks and about hours time, that worked. Back to the room where I had everything laid out—she was also curious about being “dominant” and doing a digital rectal exam/identifying the prostate. Once in the room, I remained my calm and reassuring self, answering her questions and explaining equipment and processes to get her comfortable and wanting to do something. She was very curious and fascinated and then asked how this equipment could be used for examination of the male patient. She took a special interest in the neurological pinwheel, especially when I explained to her how another nurse had used it on me. We had been talking for 10 to 15 minutes so I decided to “cast the bait” and asked her if she wanted to try it. SHE DID! Now we were headed in the right direction. I put her in the doctor’s coat and hung the stethoscope around her neck; then I got out of my pants and underwear and laid back on the “exam table” (bed). She got between my legs and started using the neurological pinwheel, becoming more comfortable with it as I directed her what to do and she saw my response.

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She wanted to see how it felt so she went to the bathroom and ran it across her nipples—liking what she felt. I wanted her to remove her black knit top and bra, but she was a bit self-conscious about her weight (which was more than acceptable) so she kept her top on (she’s probably 10# over, if that, but it is an issue to her). I did, however, convince her to remove her tan shorts said that she was in her white bikini panties. Next, she wanted to take my rectal temperature using the Vicks as lubricant.

She went about it pretty well, first lubricating outside and then inserting her finger to about the first knuckle. I had her use the larger ambient temperature survey thermometer and she caught on right away-twisting it as she inserted it. She really liked doing this and she kept on moving it in and out and twisting it between her fingers. When that was finished, she was ready to learn about a digital rectal exam and prostate exam. She wiped the Vicks from between my cheeks and then applied K-Y jelly to her middle finger and my anus. Then, under my direction, she worked her finger deep into my ass and found my prostate.



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