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The thought of showing her pussy to this hunk doctor made Sandy so horny it felt like near panic. She wondered if she should ask for a woman doctor. She’d never had a male doctor see her there before. Oh god, what if she was all wet already?

Sandy tried not to show her embarrassment as she slipped her panties off. She tossed them quickly to the chair with her other clothes, horrified to find that they were, in fact, wet in the crotch. Her blushing made her breast tops as red as a sunburn now.

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Thankfully, the doctor was looking away when Sandy took her panties off. He was standing at a cupboard, taking a fresh plastic flashlight out of a sterile wrapper. He’d already put rubber gloves on his hands.

He sat in a low chair and wheeled it in front of Sandy, who was again sitting on the edge of the examination table. Bravely she parted her knees, aware of his power to make her spread her legs with mere expectation–he didn’t even have to ask.

Ebony teen gyno exam video

vaginal gyno exam

He looked between her legs for a moment, and Sandy was afraid he would say something embarrassing about her wet arousal. Maybe it was a turn-off to him? No, a very faint smile revealed that it amused him to see her wet.

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