embarrassing medical


sexual embarrassmentI really got nervous seeing that and knowing it was set up for me. The assistant came in and then I noticed that there were two speculums on the tray she told me to choose the one that would be used on me explaining that if I had never inserted anything in my vagina I would want the small one called a virginal speculum. I had never had anything in there not even a tampon so I told her I wanted the small one. She told me to get up on the table and set she put a sheet in my lap as the gown just barely covered my bottom she saw my panties and told me I could go ahead and take them off now .

I felt very exposed, cold and embarrassed. I was told to wait for the doctor. The doctor stepped in the room with the assistant and told me to settle down that this would be over soon and would be very easy if I would try and relax. She had me lay down on the table and she lowered the top of the gown to look at my breasts I turned my head as she felt of my breasts and checked them for lumps and such, she said nude womanall was fine then she lowered the gown all the way down to the top of my pubic area I felt completely naked but was still dreading having the lower half done so it still wasn’t as bad as it was going to get. She felt around on my tummy and ask if I had any pain which I did not so she pulled the gown back up and helped me put my arms back into it.
The next thing that was said was that I would need to scoot my bottom down to the end of the table so I scooted a little as she walked around the table and pulled out the stirrups. I thought I had scooted down enough then she took hold of one of my legs and guided my heel into the stirrup then the other was done the same. I couldn’t believe I was getting into this position I held my knees together then she said now you need to scoot on down, I moved a little bit more and she said move down until you feel my hand. It seemed like it was a long way and my knees were getting higher in the air every inch I moved then finally I was there my knees still together as much as possible.
The doctor turned and picked up her gloves and snapped them on she then ask me to relax and let my knees fall apart, I did let them a little but not enough. embarrassing posesShe finally gently spread my knees as far as possible and then I started to silently cry I was so embarrassed she lifted up the sheet I felt the heat of a light that she moved close so she could see then she consoled me some and began the pap and pelvic. She touched my inner thigh and was telling me that everything was ok then she touched my outer labia and I nearly got off the table. The doctor again consoled me and began the external exam it was terrible she was touching my labia then she separated my inner labia and touched my clitoral hood and my clitoris I was trying to just put it out of my mind.
The external was over then came the speculum I heard water running and knew she was putting it in a stream of warm water because I had seen it done when I assisted her in a recent exam. The full time assistant was holding my hand and consoling me when I felt another touch then the speculum was going in my vagina it was warm but it was stretching me like I had never felt before I let out a gasp and then I felt it open up. I felt like I being pried open and it hurt, she took the pap smear and I cramped a little bit this was so embarrassing and I continued to cry silently.
The speculum was removed and I looked to see the tube of KY jellyvagina exam being squeezed onto her fingers then she put that cold KY and her fingers inside of me again I jumped and again she soothed me and felt of my insides. The worst part was over or was it, what came next I had not a clue of she put a finger in my rectum and I nearly came off the table again except the attendant caught me and made me lay back down it was terrible but it only lasted for a little while and seemed like forever. The doctor finished the exam and wiped the excess jelly off of my bottom I got up and got dressed. That jelly and a little spot of blood leaked out of me onto my panties.


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