young woman’s first gynecological experience

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This story is told by experienced female patient who enjoys medical fetish as many of men do.


At this point, I could feel my heart start to pound and my breathing
start to increase. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I was about to
listen to a young woman’s first gynecological experience!


I was more
than a little confused by what I was feeling. I felt slightly ashamed of
listening in on what the young girl expected to be a very private moment
between her and her doctor, but at the same time I was so excited at the
thrill of “spying” on her, that I tried to hold my breath so I wouldn’t
miss a word.

“Well Cynthia, in the outer office we discussed the procedures of your
exam. Do you have any more questions you’d like to ask me before we
begin? Now remember, I promise you that I will go slowly, and I will let
you know exactly what I am doing at all times during the exam.”

“Thank you, Doctor Stephens. I’m still a little nervous, but I trust
you. I think I’d just like to get it over with.”

“Okay Cynthia, well let’s get started then. Nurse Anderson, has Cynthia
given you a urine sample yet?”

“Yes, Doctor, that’s been taken care of, and I’ve checked her weight and
vital signs.”

“All right then. Cynthia, the first thing I need to do is lower your
gown so that I can examine your breasts, like this…. very good. Now, I
need you to lie back on the table, with your arms over your head. Now,
first I need to examine your nipples to make sure they don’t show any
abnormalities. First I’m going to gently pinch them between my
fingers…..okay…..your nipples are normal for a girl of your age.
Now, I’m going to slowly palpate each breast to feel for any lumps or
cysts. It shouldn’t hurt, if you do feel anything uncomfortable, please
say so.”

After a slight pause, the doctor said, “Okay Cynthia, your breasts are
healthy and normal for a girl of your age. How are you doing so far, do
you have any questions?”

In a voice that sounded slightly relieved but still embarrassed, Cynthia
said, “Thank you Doctor, so far I’m fine. That wasn’t so bad, I guess.”

“Very good Cynthia, you may put your gown back on for now. This next
part is one you’ll be familiar with, I just need to feel your abdomen to
make sure all is well, so if you’ll just lie back down on the table,
I’ll proceed.”

After another pause, the doctor said, “Nurse, will you please prepare
Cynthia for the next part of the exam?”

“Certainly doctor,” the nurse said. “Okay now Cynthia, I know that this
can be embarrassing, especially your first time having it done, but I’ll
try to make you as comfortable as possible.” There was a sound of metal
sliding out and the clicking of it being locked into place. “Cynthia
these are what we call ‘stirrups.’ They allow the doctor to position you
so that he can access your pelvic area in a way that is comfortable for
both doctor and patient.”

There were sounds of sniffling, and Cynthia said, her voice wavering as
if she were about to cry, “Oh nurse…I really don’t want to do this! Do
I really have to?”

“I know you are embarrassed dear, but every woman goes through this at
one time or another. There is absolutely nothing to be worried or
ashamed of. I’ll be right here with you, so if you are uncomfortable in
any way, just say so and I’ll help you as best I can, okay?”

“All right, I guess,” Cynthia said quietly.

“That’s a good girl,” the nurse said. “Now, what I need you to do, is to
first lay back on the table…good…and now I’m going to place your
feet in the stirrups, like this. Now let me cover your legs with this
blanket so you won’t feel so exposed. Now the next thing you need to do,
is to slide your buttocks down towards the end of the table as far as
you can….that’s good, just like that. Okay doctor, she’s ready.”

As I sat in the twilight and listened, I couldn’t believe what was
happening, as I was spying on this innocent girl, and when I heard the
sound of the doctor snapping on his latex exam gloves, I started to get
turned on just listening to them! I hated going to the gynecologist
myself, and since I wasn’t sleeping with anyone lately, I hadn’t
bothered to go for my most recent yearly check up. I could feel my pussy
getting wetter and wetter as I listened to the girl downstairs getting
her first exam. Slowly, I removed my shorts and underwear and gently
fingered my pussy lips and clit. Again I held my breath as the
examination in the office below continued.

“Okay now, Cynthia. Just take a few deep breaths and relax. This exam
will only take a few minutes,” said Dr. Stephens. “Now, the first thing
I’m going to do is feel around the areas outside of your vagina, called
your vulva and your labia. I need to check them and make sure there are
no strange lumps or other problems. Just breathe deeply and relax.”

I turned over on my back now, and did as the doctor said, breathing
deeply as I fingered my own pussy lips, imagining what it would feel
like to be the helpless young woman getting felt up by an older man.
Just the thought of it made my back begin to arch. I stopped and quickly
reached into my nightstand for what I liked to refer to as my “fuck
stick,” a vibrator that I had received as a gag gift. I laid the vib
down next to me and continued to finger my pussy.


“Very good Cynthia, your vulva and labia are both normal and healthy.
Now for the next part of the exam, I will be using first one finger, and
then two, to feel inside of your vagina, to make sure that your vaginal
walls are healthy and that there are no abnormalities. A woman’s vagina
is made to stretch, so this shouldn’t hurt, but if you feel any
discomfort at all, please say so immediately.”

“Okay Doctor Stephens,” Cynthia said unsteadily.

“Very good, now just keep breathing deeply, and I need you to relax your
legs and body for me.”

Propping myself up on some pillows and spreading my legs wide apart, I
followed the doctor’s orders and relaxed my entire body. I imagined the
doctor was now just introducing his index finger into Cynthia’s most
private of places, and at the same time I slid my index finger inside my
pussy, slowly and gently. I wondered if Cynthia’s pussy was as hot and
wet as mine was. My finger didn’t have any trouble at all sliding into
my dripping cunt. I began to move my finger in and out, finger fucking
myself, touching the inside of my vagina as I did, just like the doctor
would be doing to Cynthia. Then, I imagined the slight gasp coming out
of Cynthia’s mouth as the doctor’s second finger entered her tight
little pussy. With both my index finger and middle finger, I finger
fucked myself, feeling all around inside of me, and occasionally hitting
my G spot. I was coming very close to an orgasm, so I withdrew my
fingers and licked them clean, until I was calmed down a little. I
listened to hear what was happening downstairs.

“Um, doctor, what you’re doing right now hurts a little.”

“Okay Cynthia, I know it’s an uncomfortable feeling. When I use the
second finger on younger women it can sometimes hurt. From the way your
hymen is very strong and intact, the pain you feel is your hymen
stretching to accommodate my fingers. As you get older and become
sexually active, your vagina will adjust to this. Nurse, would you
please prepare the speculum, a smaller one.”

“Certainly doctor, it’s right here, ready to go.”

“Thank you. Okay Cynthia. For the next part of your exam, I will be
using this device, called a speculum. It will be inserted into your
vagina so that I will be able to view your cervix, which is the mouth of
your uterus far inside your vagina. Again, you may feel slight
discomfort, but this should not be painful. If you feel major pain, say
so immediately. The way this works is that I insert it into your vagina
in this position, and then I open and lock it. I’ll open and lock it
once before I insert it so you’ll know how it sounds when it’s locked.
It makes a loud click noise, which can startle you if you don’t know
what it is.”

I heard a faint “click” come through the heat duct.

“Okay Cynthia, I’m going to insert the speculum now.”

Sitting in the silence of my room, I could hear my heart pounding, as I
waited for that second “click,” to signal to me that the young girl’s
privates were now fully exposed. Then I heard it, another faint “click.”
I imagined Cynthia biting her lower lip, feeling the metal instrument go
inside of her, wondering if there would be any pain coming in the next
few seconds, and then imagined her flinch as she heard the “click” of
the instrument locking. As I thought of this, my fingers made their way
down to my pussy again, and I started to gently rub the sides of my
clit. Thinking of the speculum entering Cynthia, I picked up my
vibrator, switched it on, and thought about what Cynthia was feeling
with her legs spread wide apart with a foreign object sitting so deep
inside of her. I imagined myself to be her, helpless and ashamed in that
cold office as I teased my wet pussy lips with the tip of the vibrator.
Then, I forcefully pushed the vibrator into my cunt as far as it would
go, so that I could just barely see the flat black end of it sticking
out from me.

With the deep tingling sensation that the vibrator was giving me, my
clit was starting to swell and was becoming harder with every stroke
that I gave it. I let my head rest back on the pillows and surrendered
myself to my “self-examination,” knowing, just as they kept telling
Cynthia, that it would be all over soon. I was breathing very heavily
now, and using two fingers to knead my rock hard clit.

“The next step, Cynthia,” I heard the doctor say, “is a test called a
Pap Smear. I will use this small brush-like instrument to scrape some
cells from your cervix, which is the opening to your uterus. When I make
contact with your cervix, you will feel some pressure, but it shouldn’t
be painful. So just try to relax for me.”

“Ow!” I heard Cynthia say loudly.

“Cynthia was that painful?” Asked the nurse.

“Well it felt kind of like a menstrual cramp, I just wasn’t expecting
it. It just felt weird, is all.”

Then I started to feel that hot feeling in my stomach that spread slowly
and teasingly down to my clit and to my cunt. The vibrator was rather
strong for it’s size, and my pussy was getting so wet I had to use my
other hand to keep the vib from slipping out. When I got a good grip on
the end of the vibrator, I started to slowly pump it in and out of me,
until my throbbing clit seemed to make my cunt cry out for a pounding
fuck! As hard as I could, I rammed the vibrator all the way in and then
all they way back out several times, feeling it as it hit my own cervix,
experiencing that same “weird” pain that Cynthia had just felt.

“Well then, okay Cynthia, I’ve completed your pap smear, and I’m now
going to unlock and remove the speculum……there. And we’re almost
finished, there’s just one more part to the exam and then it will be
over with. What I need to do next is to give you a rectal exam, to make
sure that all is well in your lower digestive tract. This will only take
a couple of minutes. What I’m going to do is put some lubricant on my
finger…like this…. nurse, will you please apply some lubricant to
the anus? Thank you. I will insert my finger and feel for any lumps or
other problems in your rectum. Okay now Cynthia, it is very important
that you relax. Okay that’s very good. Now I will insert my
finger…okay Cynthia you’re doing fine but I need you to relax, don’t
tighten your anus around my finger.”

Suddenly Cynthia bursts out, “But doctor, I feel like I have to um, like
I have to um, you know….make a bowel movement!”

“That’s perfectly normal, now just relax and the feeling will pass in a
few seconds.”

“Okay, it’s gone,” Cynthia said, sounding relieved.

“Good. Now I’m going to push my finger in a little farther and feel the
walls of your rectum. I need you to push outward, like you are expelling
a bowel movement. That will make it easier for my finger to slide
in….okay good, you’re doing good. Now just relax. You can feel that
I’m moving my finger around inside you, feeling for anything out of
place. Have your bowel movements been regular these past few days, dear?
I can feel a stool just beyond my finger, and it’s a little on the hard

Sounding ashamed, Cynthia said, “No, I’ve been a little constipated

Hearing Cynthia’s anguished and embarrassed cries was about all I could
stand as I lay there on my bed, rubbing my hot, wet cunt. Out of
curiosity, I removed the dildo from my pussy, and seeing that it was
already well lubricated, I slowly inserted it in my asshole. I had never
tried this before, and I was surprised at the pleasing sensation it gave
me. I also began to feel my muscles contract like I needed to make a
bowel movement, but I remembered the doctor’s words as the feeling
passed. I pictured Cynthia in the exam room below, legs spread wide
apart in the stirrups, with a doctor’s gloved finger deep inside her
tender asshole.


I used some of my pussy juice to lubricate my clit, and
rubbed it hard with the fingers of one hand while I finger fucked myself
some more with the other hand. The vibrator that was now deep in my ass
was making my pussy seriously wet, and I could start to feel the tingle
deep inside. And then finally I lost all control. My fingers hit just
the right spot on my erect clit and my back arched and my ass was
completely off the bed as I had the most intense, earth shattering
orgasm of my life. Waves of pleasure rolled over me as the contractions
in my pussy and asshole became so strong that they pulled the vibrator
deeper inside of me. As I furiously rubbed my clit the feeling was so
stupendous that I let out a scream as the last and strongest part of the
orgasm rippled through my pussy and asshole and I collapsed back onto
the bed, feeling exhausted but satisfied as the sweat poured off of me.

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