rectal thermometer girlfriend story


Let me tell you a story about my medical experience I call it:

Rectal Thermometer Examination

(kinky true story)

With the exception of name changes, the story you are about to read is
100% true.


my other examinations

During 1986 through ?87 I shared an apartment with a 21-22 year old
Italian female nymph. We’ll call her Lisa. Lisa had a perfectly
proportioned, petite body, and a cute face, and was game for just about
anything. During that time I had more sex than I ever imagined (I was 26
at the time). This gave me an opportunity to play out this fetish I had
since before I knew what sex was.

I had often fantasized about taking a females temp rectally, so I
couldn?t think of a better test subject than Lisa. It would often go
like this….

I would have her remove her jeans, and lie on her stomach while I got
things ready. My heart would pound as I removed the thermometer from its
case. It always brought a raging hard-on as I shook it down and dipped
it in the KY. Then I would put a pillow under her mid section and gently
pull her panties down just below her knees (the panties had to stay
partially on) then with one hand I would spread her cheeks and with the
other, slowly insert the thermometer.

As it turned out, Lisa really liked it too. She would moan and groan
while waiting for it, and in many occasions would ask for it. This would
serve as great foreplay and we would have terrific sex
afterwards…anyway, our relationship soured after a while and I threw
her out of the apartment in September of 87. Within a few months I was
hooked up with a new girlfriend (we’ll call her Denise).

Since Denise had a lot more class and a lot more brains than Lisa (Lisa
WAS sort of a bimbo, even if it isn?t polite to say so).

I was ashamed to mention my fetish to her. And I even went as far as to
throw the thermometers out before moving Denise in. I settled in to a
pretty normal sex life with Denise and we married a year later and moved
to a new town ..

I would often reminisce about my fun with Lisa and would wonder about
“doing it to Denise”. She certainly had a sensitive ass and always
enjoyed anal stimulation. I would jokingly suggest it whenever the
subject would come up. She would respond with a “yeah right” or

is it free for you to watch this?

Until one night I was going through drawer. I came upon what appeared to
be a white thermometer case. much to my surprise, It had the name of our
new pharmacy on it !!!I

I quickly opened the case and slowly pulled the thermometer out,
exposing a round stubby tip. The sight of it brought a tremendous
hard-on. The first chance I got I approached her about it. She first
said something like, “we needed one but I bought a rectal by mistake?”

“Yeah right,” I thought to my self, (sorry folks you don?t buy that by
accident). It was then I knew that she wanted it. I could tell this
conversation was embarrassing her so I backed off.

A few days later after some heavy sex, we were lying naked on the couch,
she said “why don?t you get the thermometer ?” and I was happy to
oblige. I had her lie across my lap while I took her temp. Anyway, we
still use the thermometer from time to time. We don?t want to wear it
out … maybe this fetish isn?t so unusual after all.
images are taken from Rectal Thermometer Exam


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