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I’m a construction worker, been with the company a few years, and one
day on the job the boss announces we’re getting new insurance coverage.
It’s a decent plan, but it won’t be activated without first getting a
physical exam.  Now I’m 42, married with 3 kids, and can’t afford to be
without coverage.  So now I gotta haul my ass over to some “doc in the
box” so he can check out my ass – not exactly music to my ears.

I made an appointment for the following week on my way home from the
site.  It’s late and I’m feeling grimy from working all day, but I
frankly don’t care – this ain’t no beauty contest.  The waiting room is
empty when I get there, then a nurse pops her head out of one of the
rooms to greet me.  She says to follow her and happily announces that
I’m the last patient of the day and she can’t wait to get home — I
assured her that neither could I.  She gives me a cup for a urine sample
and leads me to the bathroom and tells me to meet her next door in exam
room 3 – she offers that it’s the warmest of the 4 rooms that they
considerately use for physicals.  I return with my sample and the nurse
tells me to take off my shirt and shoes.   First she measures and weighs
me, then has me sit on the exam table to take temperature and blood
pressure, which was a little high; we chalk it up to anxiety over a
visit to the doctor.  She takes her papers and says the doctor will be
in shortly, directing me to undress to my underwear and have a seat on
the table.

I remove my jeans and socks and slightly wish I had been more thoughtful
about underwear choices this morning.  I’m wearing these new cotton
boxers my wife bought which provide no support; while throughout the day
I actually enjoyed the sensation of my cock and balls swinging freely,
but not infront of this stranger.  I hop up on the table and wait; I
hear the doctor and nurse talking outside the room where she gives him
my chart and says there’s nothing unusual and says she’ll be leaving as
long as nothing else is needed; he wished her a good night.

Doctor Jeffers enters the room and shakes my hand in introduction.  He
is about my own age and height, clean-shaved, wavy brown hair – he
looked like he could be from an ad in a magazine.  Very different from
the gray-haired Marcus Welby type I was expecting.  He speaks regularly
and reminds me of a college buddy which sort of puts me at ease.  He
reminds us out loud that this is a routine physical required for
insurance coverage so, although it’s thorough, he’ll try to have me on
my way real soon.

He begins by asking questions about medical history while checking eyes,
ears, nose and mouth.  Then he listens to my breathing from the front
and back.  While the room is warm, the stethoscope is still cold against
my flesh.  I notice goose bumps and my nipples hardening; it felt
weird.  He asked me next to lay on the table while he felt my glands,
chest and stomach and asked if anything hurt.  His probing shook my body
which strangely caused a tingling sensation down below as my cock and
balls rubbed together in my boxers.

The doctor then jokingly says it’s time for everyone’s favorite part of
the exam; I know what’s coming.  He asks me to stand and remove my
underwear.  He rolls over a stool and sits eye level with Petey and the
twins.  I’m not hung like a horse or nothing, but my cock is one that
hangs impressively thick and long at about 6 inches soft; it grows only
about another 2 inches when it’s hard to 8 rigid inches.  Since high
school I remember liking to strut my stuff around the lockeroom and the
comments from the guys about making the ladies happy with that thing.
But this was different.  This guy was real close and personal.  I stood
with feet spread as he asked and closed my eyes.  He probed and prodded
my balls, checking for any irregularities.  Despite myself, I liked the
contact and could feel my cock begin to thicken.  Finished with my nuts,
he held the shaft taut at the base and ran his hand along its length as
he made his inspection.  My cock was swelling to its fullest and I
apologized for getting hard in his hand.  He said it happened a lot and
not to worry – at least I wasn’t there because I needed Viagra!

He released my throbbing member and asked me to turn around and rest my
upper torso on the table.  I heard the sound of snapping rubber and knew
what was next.  He spread my ass cheeks and announced that my hole
looked puffy and swollen; had I been constipated or something?  I hadn’t
had any trouble so I was baffled, then I realized what might be the
trouble.  He continued asking questions until I finally asked if I could
talk to him honestly.  I had discovered during my jerk off sessions in
the past few months that I liked stimulating my ass to help get me off.
Usually it was just my finger, but I experimented with my wife’s brush
handle and a tube of hand cream.  I guess that explained the irritation
satisfactorily.  He said that obviously massaging the prostate would be
sexually stimulating and asked if my wife and I had incorporated this
into our sex life.  I laughed out loud and disclosed that she didn’t
even like sucking my cock because it was unsanitary, that she certainly
wouldn’t be up for licking my ass and sticking her finger in there.  He
laughed in agreement.

His sheathed fingers coated with gel, he gently massaged my butt hole
with circling motions before entering.  It was very erotic and felt my
cock begin to harden again.  He inserted his finger, feeling for
abnormalities, grazing my prostate and causing my body to radiate with
heat.  He said that though things felt normal he’d like a closer look
since I was abusing my hole.  He asked me to lie back on the table and
put my feet in the stirrups.  I was humiliated; I felt like that was for
women.  He assured me it was a proper procedure to afford him the view
he needed to assess any damage.

I looked down between my hairy legs up in the air to see his face within
licking distance of my privates.  My cock certainly soften during this
intrusive procedure, but I noticed the clear wet spots on my legs and
stomach from the precum I was obviously dripping earlier.  His look was
intense and said that the skin seemed raw; he asked how I played with
myself.  I asked in disbelief, “you want me to show you?”  I reached
down between my legs and began to insert my pointer finger.  I said,
there&like this.  He apparently saw that this angle put an undo source
of friction on my hole, and suggested I enter it from underneath.  He
then took my hand and placed it under my butt, taking my finger and
leading it to my asshole.  I couldn’t believe this was happening!  My
cock sprang to life as my own finger entered my ass, being held by the
doctor’s.  He then inserted his own finger to show me where to massage
on the inside.  Two fingers in my hole was a first and sent a wave a
sexual frenzy over my entire body.  My cock was throbbing and leaking
precum.  My hips started bucking to have these fingers enter my hot, wet
hole more deeply.  He asked how I felt and I said I was really getting
lightheaded.  He said my prostate was a bit swollen, probably needing a
release.  If I wanted, I could finish myself off.  So, with both his and
my own fingers penetrating my hairy ass and massaging my prostate, I
grabbed my swollen cock and milked it for all it was worth – right
there, in front of this strange guy.  It was so stimulating and so
unreal.  I came in buckets.

After I shot my load, he handed me some tissues and assured me that my
responses were normal.  I should continue to explore what gets me off
and to be more careful about what I stick inside my butt.  I said I
could wait another year for a physical or if I wanted he’d understand if
I came back in 6 months.  I’m not sure what I’m going to do.


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