Female gynecologist sex story

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I go to a woman gynecologist, of course. I just changed
insurance plans at work, though, and even though she had come recommended
to me, I had never met her. The nurse called my name and I went back to
the office.  She weighed me and took my blood pressure and then left
a paper cover for my breasts and a paper blanket for over my abdomen. She
told me to get undressed and put them on, then wait for the doctor on the
table. dsc_0013.jpg As I lay there, the tears were about to come. It was so
humiliating and so upsetting for me. I had never felt more naked as I did
there, trying to keep the paper jacket over my breasts. I just sat up,
waiting for her knock at the door. Then it came.  She walked in to
the examining room and introduced herself, Dr. Keely Staves. She could
tell I was upset, but told me not to worry, that she would be very careful
with me and she would always let me know what she was doing. She was
really pretty, wearing her lab coat and with her chestnut brown hair
tucked up in to a French twist. dsc_0025.jpgHer breasts were pushing at the front of
the labcoat. I love big breasts, probably because mine are relatively
small. But hers were marvelously round and full and I could see the
outline of the nipple against the white fabric.  “Alright, Ginny, I
want you to lay back. I’m going to examine your breasts.” I was panting
and extremely nervous, but I lay back trying to keep the jacket covering
me. My eyes were squenched tight as she put her hands on my chest and
carefully spread apart the front of the jacketdsc_0063.jpg. I felt her cool hand press
firmly on the outer edges of my breast.  She moved her hand over it,
pressing on it, exploring it. I opened my eyes – I had never been able to
open my eyes during an exam – and met hers. She was smiling down at me in
this tender way that totally disarmed me. She held my nipple between two
fingers and pinched at it slightly. “Is that okay?” she asked.  I
just nodded. She moved to the other one and placed both of her hands
around my breast. She was holding it in her hand, squeezing on it, feeling
deep in to it. It really felt good – like I said, I have a breast fetish.
When she got to the nipple, again, she pinched it between two fingers –
just enough to let me know she was there.dsc_0069.jpg I realized I may have been
getting excited.  “Okay, everything there feels real good, so I’m
going to listen to your heartbeat. Would you sit up please?” I sat up and
she slid the whole jacket off of me, so I was sitting there with just the
blanket over my lap. She just smiled at me in this way that made me not
question anything. She moved the stethoscope all over my upper back, the
whole time keeping her other hand spread between my breasts in front. It
was starting to feel vaguely erotic to me and when I turned to look at
her, I was right level with her lovely breasts. The nipples were
definitely protruding – I knew mine were.  “Heart sounds good, now
I’m afraid you’re going to have to lay down.” But I wasn’t scared, I
wanted to do exactly as she told me, I wanted her to touch me more. It had
never been like this, nothing had. I lay back while she watched, my entire
torso and most of my hips exposed to her. She placed both of her hands on
my belly and looked right in to my eyes. “Are you okay, Ginny?” She asked,
rubbing my soft belly very softly. “Yes, I’m fine, quite comfortable,
Thank you.”  “Okay, then, I’m going to proceed with the exam.
You need to move down to the end of the table and fit your heels in to the
stirrups,” she said. These words usually strike terror in my heart, but I
moved easily, without hesitation. Once my heels reached the stirrups, I
laid back down but my knees were pushed tightly together.  “Now
relax, dear,” she said, “I’m going to spread your legs, okay?”  All
I could do was nod, I felt blood rush to my pussy and a warm feeling
spread. She was under the blanket covering my abdomen, I could feel her
breath on my pussy. “I see you like to keep yourself shaved,” she said.  I
squirmed. “Yeah,” I hesitated, “But I was trying to let it grow out so you
wouldn’t be so surprised,” I apologized.  She placed her hand
on my belly. “Don’t worry about it, I love a shaved pussy.” I was shocked
at her use of the word, but I just laughed nervously and let her continue.  She
spread my lips apart with just one finger. I could feel her arranging them
splayed separate, so the inner parts were displayed openly. She moved the
lamp to illuminate the whole thing. I thought I heard her give a small
moan. “Is everything….okay?” I asked. Suddenly, she walked around the
table to my head and got down to my level.  “I’m going to tell you
the truth, Ginny,” she said, “I know you’ve always associated sex with
your gynecologist visits,” I looked up at her, stunned and confused, but
she continued, “and I want to satisfy your curiosity today. Is that going
to be okay with you?” she asked.  I was totally stunned, I
couldn’t speak. “H-how did you know that?”  “I can tell by
the way you act in here, the way you respond to my touch. I was curious
myself, til I got to take everything home,” She smiled, making it feel
like a private joke. “I’m a doctor, I know what an aroused vagina looks
like, and you have one. So let’s take this slow. If you want me to stop,
tell me. Okay?”  “Okay,” I smiled at her. She leaned over and
kissed me on the lips, licking mine, one hand under my head, pushing my
tongue onto hers, into her mouth. She kissed my neck, and caressed my
breasts hungrily, still with a penetrating exam type touch. I knew without
a doubt that my pussy was dripping. “I’m going to take off the blanket, is
that okay with you?” she asked.  “Yes, please,” I said, I would
do anything she wanted.  She sat back down on the stool, in front of
my exposed pussy. “I’m going to insert the speculum now,” she said, “I
think you love having your pussy spread, and I’m going to do it for you.
You just tell me when you’ve had enough, okay, honey?”  “Yes,”
I was so excited, I could barely speak the word. I felt her rub some
lubricant all over my pussy and inside. She was holding my lips open with
one hand and introducing the tip of the speculum in to my vagina with the
other. She pushed it completely in and I gasped. I love the feeling of
being filled and penetrated and now I was about to hyperventilate. She
sensed my deep breathing and told me to relax. She rubbed my inner thighs,
leaving the speculum unopened and in my pussy. She rubbed my belly and
stroked my abdomen until my breathing slowed a little. Then she started to
open the speculum.  At first it was barely noticeable, like a finger
penetrating me. But then it started to spread my pussy walls. I clenched
my fists. “Oh, that’s nice, that’s so nice,” I told her.  “Good,
now relax and let me examine you,” she said. She was still opening it up
in small increments, more and more. The pressure was building up and I
could start to feel a yearning deep in my cunt for penetration. “Lets
leave it here for a few moments, okay?” she asked.  I nodded.
The feeling was exquisite. She moved the light to shine directly on my
open pussy. I was so sensitive, I could feel the heat. She started to rub
my clit with the pad of her thumb. I was in ecstasy. She kept a close eye
on my face to see how I was reacting. “You’re taking it so nice,” she
said, “Your pussy is so lovely all spread open like this, wanna see?” she
asked me.  “Yes!” I exclaimed, almost screaming it. She went to a
cabinet and took out a mirror. She set it in a stand on the floor and
positioned it so I could see from way up on the table. “Isn’t it
beautiful?” she asked.  I nodded slowly. I was transfixed by
the sight. Then, she got up on the table with me, like we were going to do
sixty-nine, and started to lick my clit in long, lapping, slow strokes.
“Oh, oh, oh, oh God&” nothing had ever felt so erotic, so absolutely
beautiful. I loved seeing her lick my pussy, I loved seeing her finger me
through the speculum. Just as I was about to come, she stopped. She kissed
me again, deeply and sensually, like before. “I don’t want you to come
before the bi-manual part of the exam,” she smiled.  “Okay,” I
agreed.  She withdrew the speculum slowly so that I was excited by
the fact that she was doing it. She knew exactly what I wanted, everything
I had fantasized about in my most secret fantasy. It was wonderful. Then,
quite abruptly, she slid two fingers in to my vagina.  “Oh, yes,” I
moaned.  She smiled at me affectionately. “Yes, my love, let me
touch you. Let me examine you. It’s okay, relax, love.”  I had
to yield to her. She placed one hand on my abdomen and pressed down while
she pressed up with her fingers inside me. She moved them all around,
stroking the inside of my pussy. She moved her top hand down to my clit
and pinched it, let it slide out of her fingers, then pinched it again. I
was going to come in seconds. She took her thumb and laid the pad square
on to my clit, pressed down just a little, then rubbed. She penetrated
deeper with her fingers in my clit and deeper still as she felt me start
to come. I was moaning wildly, trying to reach for her, coming all over
her fingers. “Yes, let it out, keep going, you can keep it going, honey,”
she cheered on my orgasm.  When she took out her fingers, they were
dripping with my juices. She smiled at me and came close to me on the
table. She unbuttoned the first few buttons on her lab coat and held my
head in her warm breasts. I licked at them weakly, put my arm around her
waist and pulled her close to me. I was born again, it was so beautiful.  “I
want you to come back to see me in one month. I will need to do an anal
exam,” She said, changing her manner to completely business like. “And
next time, you should be shaved. You may get dressed now, the nurse will
check you out.”  And she left the room. I got dressed and made
my next appointment. That was the first time I’d even left the
gynecologist’s office with a smile on my face.


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