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“Tonight we will be using some monitoring instruments during the
session,” spoke the blond professor. “I don’t anticipate any major
distractions after the aphrodisiac takes hold. I’ve collected some processed
extract before hand in order to observe the interaction objectively.” John
was disappointed by this disclosure, but pushed any negative thoughts aside
in anticipation of coupling with Sandy. Still it was always so hot getting
that milk from Miss Andersen’s fantastic breasts. It wasn’t long before
thoughts of that and the young woman’s pretty face and great body were
causing John’s cock to begin to swell.

Doctor Tushy

“Lets move into the monitoring room that’s been prepared for this
session,” said the professor. She rose and led the two young students back
through the lab to another adjoining room. “Oh my,” said Sandy when she and
John stepped into the room and beheld the strange array of benches, tables
and chairs that were setup around the room. Each of the furniture items were
surrounded by an impressive arrangement of racks full of test instruments.
“I’ll help you individually to prepare for

tonight’s test in the prep room to the left, as soon as I power up a few
of these monitoring machines.” John and Sandy looked around at the various
stations while waiting for the professor to complete powering up the
instruments. “This looks kind of strange in here,” John said to Sandy in a
quiet voice. “I know,” she whispered back, “isn’t it exciting?” “Weird yes,
exciting… well,” John thought to himself.
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“OK, Sandy…, I’ll help you with your anal probe first, and then it’s
your turn John!” “Anal what?” asked the young man anxiously. Sandy covered
her mouth and snickered. “Yes anal probes,” said Miss Andersen. “They’re to
record body temperature and muscle contractions among other things. It will
be nice and tidy and not painful at all.” “Do I have to?” asked the freshman
trying to muster up some macho bravado in his voice, hoping the professor
would back off “Yes I’m afraid you do. If you’re not up to it we will have
to find a replacement.” Well that settled it for John. He didn’t want anyone
taking his place with Sandy! Still it was weird. “Come with me dear,” said
Miss Andersen as she took the young woman by the arm and led her to the prep


When they were inside the professor closed the door while turning on the

lights. Sandy gasped a little when she saw an examination table in the
middle of the room. At the foot end were high stirrups, just like at the
gynecologist office. The rest of the room looked just like at the doctors
office; a sink, some cupboards and various medical instruments on white
cotton clothes here and there. “It’s OK, don’t be afraid. I hold a degree in
medicine also,” said professor Andersen. Sandy shrugged a little and began
to remove her clothes.

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The professor tried not to stare too much while she scrubbed her hands
and pulled on some rubber gloves. “Up on the table with you.” Sandy climbed
up a little timidly. “Oh this is silly!” she thought to herself. “What is
there to be afraid of, the woman has already seen every inch of my body!”
She quickly laid back and put her feet in the high stirrups and exposed
herself to the professor; buck naked, cunt and ass hanging out for all the
world to see.

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Professor Andersen tried not to notice the young woman’s beautiful lines
and shape as she moved around between the widely spread legs. She pulled a
small cart over to the end of the table and placed a stainless steel tray on
top of it. On the tray were several gauze sponges,

a tube of some kind of lubricant, a rather large penile shaped flesh
colored instrument with several wires extending from it, and an enema bulb!

“OK now I want you to relax while I lubricate you and stretch your anal

ring some,” said the professor. Sandy said “Oh sure, just relax,” to
herself, but tried to comply. When the professor’s fingers, now covered
liberally with the lubricant touched Sandy’s small pinkish brown anus the
young woman instinctively clenched it shut like a steel door. “Now, now,
just relax, this won’ t hurt at all. Not only is this a lubricant, but also
contains a numbing compound. Come on loosen up.” Miss Andersen began to
massage and probe Sandy’s anus more insistently now. Surprisingly Sandy soon
noticed the numbing effect and began to relax. In popped one of the rubber
gloved fingers to begin an inner massage that would eventually relax and
stretch Sandy’s spincter fully open. Soon two fingers were in and moving
deliberately around, in and out.

Then Miss Andersen slowly inserted the long narrow tube of the enema
bulb. “What’s that?” inquired the girl. “It’s just a small enema to cleanse
your rectum. I’ll need you to hold the fluid in at least long enough to get
to the stool over in the corner. Before she knew it Sandy’s ass was filled
with a warm sudsy liquid. It actually felt nice, but then soon felt kind of
scary because she realized it wasn’t going to stay in there very long. The
girl clenched her ass cheeks firmly together at that point and scramble down
off the table and over to the stool. “Jesus, this is embarrassing,” she
though. “But she is a doctor.” When things had gotten back to normal Sandy
moved back over to the table, climbed back up and repositioned herself for
the next step.


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