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24 y.o. Alla – college girl undressed by teacher. She is a very, very disobedient girl, this college slut. So wild and insane that her teacher decides to show her to a doctor – just to check out if she still sane. What a surprise for this bored male doctor! The college babe has been every inch inspected and put to a scrupulous gyno exam by him. And she has experienced how merciless her oh-so-airy-fairy lady teacher can be!
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what she was told about this procedure to her girls friend AFTER it was over

The doctor left at that point and I removed all my cloths and put on a gown. My mom had completed filling out the forms by the time the doctor had came back into the room. The doctor told me to lie down on the examination table and put my feet up in the stirrups.

then he told me to put a belt around my waist to prevent me from falling off the table. It was a very wide belt and she put it on very tight. The doctor was busy tying my feet onto the stirrups.

The doctor then moved over a big cart of equipment and placed it by my feet. Then he then removed my gown. Have you ever had a period the doctor asks? I told him no. When did your breast begin to grow asks the doctor? My breast buds had just started to swell this year I told him.

He then proceeded to move the stirrups very wide and he got between my legs. The doctor started to examine my labia minor and major. He felt all over them and pulled very hard. It was forbidden by our culture to have a man touch us down there until we are marred. The doctor measured my lips and wrote it down on my chart. Next he looked at my clitoris. It was mostly covered by its hood. The doctor said it was about ╜ inch long and 3/8 inch around.

The doctor then examined my hymen. I could not be married if my hymen was broken. The doctor said I had a very small hymen that covered about 10 % of my vaginal opening. Her hymen will not break the first time she has sex and it will not bleed said the doctor.

The doctor then talked to some other person about what she had requested. This is when I learned that I was going to have me circumcised. The doctor told her, he would repair my hymen. Trim and suture my labia minor together. He asks her if she wanted me to have my clitoris removed or cover it up until I got married.
I though he was joking 😉 well try to figure out what he mean


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