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Doctor’s Office

For years, I couldn’t always help but wonder what exactly went
on in the offices of the doctors, most especially the gynecologists.

I mean, let’s face it, here is a guy who has the opportunity to look at
all the pussy he wants. A woman comes into his office and the first
thing he says is, “Take off all your clothes.” The next thing you
know, he’s got her flat on her back while he feels all over her body.
Then, he’s got her legs spread in the stirrups and, in essence, he’s
finger-fucking her. Under the pretense of a medical examination, he
gets the opportunity to explore the patient’s body in whatever manner
he sees fit. And, don’t tell me that some of his patients don’t get a
little hot!

Well, I have been wandering around around now for the past
several months and this thought has been continually on my mind.
Recently, I rode past a doctor’s office, an OB-GYN, and I saw this
young woman going inside. I could only assume that she was a student
at the local college just up the road. She had on blue jeans that very
nicely accentuated her body, and a very colorful sweater. As I was
sitting at the traffic light, I had watched her get out of her car and
go into the doctor’s office. In just a few short moments, it would be
off with the clothes and up in the stirrups. Now my mind was really

I really didn’t have anything special to do, so I went to the
college to see if there was any information on examinations and the
like in the nursing section of the library. Much to my delight, there
was a videotape called, “First Visit to the Gynecologist“, a film used
as a teaching aid for girls prior to their first examination. Dressed
in my business suit, and being a bit older than the average college
student, I suppose the young man at the counter thought I was a doctor
doing some research. He handed me the videotape and pointed me in the
direction of the player.

I couldn’t believe my eyes as the tape began to play. It was
almost as if I had directed the film. It showed a young woman (I
suppose she was over eighteen for legal reasons) getting out of her
car and going into the doctor’s office. After being greeted by the
nurse, the woman was escorted into the examination room and told to
undress. The film even showed her getting undressed while the
narration explained what to wear on the day of the examination, to get
completely undressed for the doctor, and not to douche before the
examination. Then, she put on an examining gown, the door opened, and
in walked the nurse and the doctor. The COMPLETE examination was shown
in full detail. Close up shots of her tits, her pussy and her asshole,
not to mention excellent footage of the doctor’s fingers being
inserted into the patient’s pussy and asshole. To make matters worse
for me, the patient had left her underwear on so the doctor had to
take it off before conducting the pelvic examination (with a narrated
comment that some doctors may instruct their patients to leave their
panties on). And, she wore little white socks which she left on
during the examination, clearly visible with her feet in the stirrups.

I rewound the film, adjusted my hard-on, and returned it to
the counter. Then, I left the library, but not before noticing all the
young stuff moving about. And to think each one of these girls has to
visit the doctor before being admitted to the college.

On my way home, I again passed the doctor’s office which
started this hormonal uproar earlier in the day. The traffic light
turned red and I was stopped at the corner, looking directly in the
front glass door of the office. I could see a young female standing at
the counter, and there didn’t appear to be anybody else in the office.
The light turned green and I made a left turn on to the side street
and into the parking lot behind the doctor’s office. There was only
one car in the lot – a red Firebird. I parked my car and walked around
the front of the office. As I walked into the reception area, the girl
behind the counter looked up and before she could speak I said, “All
the patients gone for the day?” Instantly, she replied, “Yes, even the
doctor went home early… and left me here alone to finish up the

I quickly scanned the reception area and the hallway behind it
leading to the examining room and determined that it was just her and
me in the building. I had not moved too far from the door and as she
was saying, “Is there something that I may help you with?” I secured
the deadbolt lock and proceeded to the counter. “Yes,” I said, “I
think there is definitely something that you can help me with.” I
still don’t think that she had caught on to the locked door, but then,
she looked toward the door and saw that the lock had been turned.
“Please, sir, don’t hurt me… please let me go… what is it…
drugs, money… ?” she queried.

“When was your last examination?” I asked. With a confused and
frightened look on her face she said, “Last year. I need to schedule
one soon with the doctor.” I was amazed at how this girl was so
candid, and at the same time, allowing herself to be set up in this
situation. “Please, what is it that you want?”

“Perhaps we should do your examination right now,” I said. She
began to move toward the doorway until I blocked it. “Look, I am not
interested in drugs or money. I am now the doctor and it is time for
the nurse to be examined. Lead me to the examining room.” She began to
cry and said, “My mother thought that this was going to happen. Please
don’t rape me.”

“Let’s get one thing straight,” I said, “I have no intention
of raping you or harming you in any way. I am the doctor tonight and
you ARE going to have your examination. That is all that is going to
happen.” As I said this, I pulled her arm and lead her into the hall
in the direction of the examining room. “Now, let’s get on with it.”
As I pushed her down the hall, she “lead” me to the end and into the
examining room. The examining table, with its stirrups already in
position, awaited.

“Remove your dress, and let the examination begin,” I said, as
I closed the door to the examining room. More crying, sobbing, but as
I stood and watched, she reached behind her and undid the top of her
uniform. She slid the zipper down and began to pull the dress from her
shoulders. Just as she was beginning to pull it over her tits she
stopped and said, “Oh, please, mister, please don’t make me do this.”

“I am the doctor and you will address me as such,” I said.
“Off with your dress and not a whimper from you. Do it!” I commanded.

She submissively obeyed my order and pulled the dress down her
torso, over her hips, and let if fall to the floor. She turned from me
as she stepped out of the dress, but little did she realize, as she
bent over to pick up the dress from the floor, I thoroughly enjoyed
the view of her young, firm ass encased in the white cotton bikini
panties. “Turn around, now,” I said.

It was clear that she knew I was serious and in control of the
situation. I felt she sensed that I truly was not going to harm her if
she did as she was told. “Take your bra off,” I said. She slowly
reached behind her and undid her bra, lowering it away from her tits.
What fine young tits these were. Pert and upright, just a handful,
with nipples perfectly centered. I admired her young body as she stood
there, her hands to her side, in only her panties. “I’ll let you keep
your panties on until the pelvic examination. Get on the table.”

She assumed a sitting position on the table, her legs dangling
over the side. I placed my hands upon either side of her neck and
began to palpate it, actually, to stroke it. I was looking in her eyes
as she stared back at me. She was scared. “Don’t worry. Just like the
doctor does it. That’s all,” I said, as I tried to reassure her. “How
old are you?” I asked. She answered, “I just turned eighteen.”

I ran my hands down each arm, and then down her sides. I
cupped her tits with my hands and she began to tense up. I took her
nipples between my fingers and began to lightly pull on them. “Lie
back,” I instructed, “with your arms above your head.” She immediately
did as she was told, and I noticed how her tits flattened out but her
nipples stood up. I ran my finger around each nipple until it became
erect. Then I “examined” each tit by rubbing it. As her automatic
responses to my touch began to happen, she started to cry, “Please,
sir, this is terrible. Please stop,” she said. I stopped my gentle
caressing and pinched each nipple. “Remember, I am the doctor and this
is your examination,” I scolder her.

I moved my hands down across her firm, young belly. I
continued my touch over her hips and along the tops of her legs.
“Spread your legs wider,” I said, as I moved my hands up the insides
of her thighs. She did as she was told and replied with a whimper,
“Yes, doctor.” Now we were making progress.

“Lift your hips so I can remove your panties,” I said. She
closed her legs and pressed her ass down on the table as she again
began to cry. I reached for her tits and began to pinch her nipples
until she spread her legs and I could see her arch her hips. I pulled
at the top of her panties, sliding them over her ass and down her
legs. Before dropping them to the floor, I brought them to my nose to
absorb the fragrance of this young girl’s cunt.

When I looked up I saw that she truly had sandy blonde hair,
as it covered her pussy. But I noticed that she kept it trimmed; of
course, it was summer and her tan lines indicated that she wore a
two-piece on the beach. I ran my hand across the top of her bush and
spread her legs apart. “Slide down and put your legs in the stirrups,”
I told her. I think that she had gotten to the point where she
realized that cooperation on her part would make things go a whole lot
easier. She slid down, raised her legs and positioned her feet in the

I sat down on the stool at the end of the examining table and,
spreading her knees apart, slid between her legs. What a sight to
behold. This eighteen year-old pussy in front of me as I experienced
what GYN Doctors experience all day long. I moved one finger between
her pussy lips until it began to get moist. The I took both hands and
began to spread her pussy lips apart until the moistness caused her
pussy lips to separate and remain open. My patient was cooperating and
this was making the examination quite pleasant… for both of us.

There was a drawer at the end of the examining table, so I
opened it to see what was inside. All sort of goodies: speculums of
several shapes & sizes, KY Jelly, examination gloves. I put on one
examination glove and applied KY Jelly to my index finger. With my
other hand, I spread her pussy lips apart and lubricated around the
opening to her pussy.  Then, I slowly eased my index finger inside. I
could feel her tense and then relax her pussy as my finger slid all
the way inside. She was tight, as I slowly moved my finger around
inside of her pussy. I used my other hand to keep her pussy lips
separated and to rub her clit while I moved my finger in and out of
her pussy. Despite her tension and fear, she was beginning to loosen
up for this examination. “Let’s put the speculum inside so we can see
what’s going on,” I said, as I slid my finger from her pussy. Then,
reaching into the open drawer in front of me, I selected a speculum
and placed it at the opening of her pussy. I again separated her pussy
lips and slid the speculum all the way inside.

Following proper medical procedure, I turned the speculum and
opened it. As I did this, she emitted a slight moan and tensed her
hips. I began to again rub her clit to ease her tension. I looked in
the speculum to see the pinkest pussy that I have ever seen. I had
selected the smallest speculum and her pussy lips were wrapped tightly
upon it. In fact, it almost seemed stuck as I slowly began to withdraw
it from her pussy. But, it came out, and her pussy lips resumed to
their normal state.

I applied lubricant to my middle finger and said, “I am going
to do the rectal examination now.” She began to cry some more and
said, “Oh, please, this is so embarrassing. I hate it when even the
real doctor does it. Please don’t.”

“I am the real doctor and you WILL have your rectum checked
young lady,” I responded. With that, I began to lubricate her asshole
and then slowly eased my finger inside. She clenched her ass tight and
made it hard for me to get my finger in. I drew back my free hand and
smacked her ass. She gasped, and loosened her ass, as I thrust my
finger the full length inside of her ass. “I was going to take it
slow, but YOU made me do it this way,” I told her. Her ass was real
tight and I doubt if she had ever been fucked there before. I enjoyed
moving my finger around inside of her ass. I then began to insert my
index finger in her pussy. When both fingers were fully inserted, I
began an alternating fucking of each of her holes, while rubbing her
clit with my free hand.

“Oh, doctor, please don’t do that. You’re embarrassing me,”
she cried.

“Tell me what’s wrong. Why are you embarrassed?” I asked.

“Because it’s not right for me to get excited during an
examination,” she replied.

I picked up the pace of finger fucking her and rubbing her
clit. She was getting very aroused, pushing down on the stirrups and
gyrating her hips. “Let me use the rectal dilator now,” I said. I
simultaneously removed my fingers from her asshole and her cunt, but I
kept rubbing her pussy. I looked into the drawer and found the
instrument – a round tube with a removable “plunger”. I stopped
rubbing her clit long enough to lubricate the instrument. “Spread your
cheeks for me,” I instructed.

She reached down and spread her cheeks wide apart. I placed
the tip of the instrument against her asshole, and with the sufficient
lubrication that I had applied, it slid inside. I pulled the plunger
out and looked inside of her asshole. Then I stuck my index finger
inside the dilator, beyond its depth, to manipulate her asshole. I
looked up at her pussy and she was very wet. I removed the dilator and
again inserted my middle finger into her asshole while sliding my
index finger into her pussy. I resumed rubbing her clit and finger
fucking her. “Rub your tits,” I said. She immediately began to rub her
tits and stroke her belly. Her hips were gyrating on the table, she
was pushing down against the stirrups, and I could feel her muscles
contracting on my fingers in her pussy and asshole. She was cumming
big time! This continued for what seemed like and eternity, and then
her whole body went limp. I removed my fingers from her pussy and
asshole and she lay on the table, her legs still in the stirrups, her
hands at her side. “You are quite a hot little thing aren’t you?” I
questioned. No response. Her face was flushed, she was perspiring, her
breathing was intense.

I looked at her lying on the table after her orgasm, and then
my eye caught something above the examining table – a thermometer
standing upright in its case. Maybe I should take her temperature just
to see what it is…

As I was reaching for the thermometer, her eyes opened and saw
what I was doing. Before I knew what was happening, she had removed
her legs from the stirrups and turned over on her stomach. “This is
the position the doctor uses,” she said. What a nice ass she had. I
looked at the thermometer and noticed that it had a stubby bulb; a
rectal thermometer.

“The doctor takes rectal temperatures here?” I asked.

“Every patient. He says its more accurate,” she replied.

Since her asshole was sufficiently lubricated from the rectal
examination, not to mention her orgasm, I only applied lubricant to
the thermometer. I spread her legs more and separated her asscheeks
until I could see her asshole. The I placed the tip of the thermometer
against her asshole and slid it inside. I stepped back to observe this
girl, lying on the examination table, flushed from orgasm, with a
thermometer sticking out of her ass. “Is it over?” she asked.

“As soon as I know what your temperature is,” I replied. She
said nothing more as I continue to enjoy the view. I could only
imagine the countless times the scene has been repeated in this very
examining room. What must the doctor be thinking? I had a raging
hard-on. What was I going to do now? I stepped closer to the examining
table, and spreading her asscheeks, removed the thermometer. I wiped
the lubricant from the thermometer, and from between her ass. I held
the thermometer up to the light and rotated it – 100.6, one degree
above a normal rectal temperature. I shook the thermometer down and
placed it back in its holder.

Watch the entire movie now

I stood to the side of the examining table and rubbed her ass.
She had stopped crying and was lying still on the table while I rubbed
her ass. I stepped to the end of the table and undid my belt. She had
not heard anything yet, so I opened my pants and let them fall to the
floor. I pulled my now rock-hard cock from my pants and stepped closer
to her to rub it against her ass.

Just then, the door to the examining room was thrown open and
I looked up to see three police officers standing there with their
guns drawn and pointed at me. The first cop in the door was a woman.
Before I could even get my pants up, she had grabbed me, wrestled me
to the floor, and handcuffed me. I was left lying on the floor, face
down, with my pants down around my ankles. I looked over my shoulder
to see my patient, draped with an officer’s coat, being led from the
examining room.

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