Gyno exam story


The doctor came into the room a few minutes and shut the door. He introduced himself as Doctor Boswell. Elizabeth was mildly surprised at how very young he appeared to be. To her, he didn’t look much older than her oldest son, Bill. The doctor was about 6′ tall, handsome and had the appearance of someone who liked the outdoors because he was well-tanned and a healthy athletic look about him. He engaged her in the usual doctor-patient small talk for a short time while he scribbled on his notepad. Then he got down to the business at hand.

He asked Elizabeth to lay back on the table and then turn onto her left side with her knees up toward her chest. As she did this, the paper gown moved up and her nice round ass soon became fully exposed. She assumed that the doctor probably got a good glimpse of her abundant growth of pubic hair between her legs as she had turned over onto her side. The doctor sat down on his rolling chair and moved towards the table. He squeezed a generous glop of K-Y Jelly onto a finger. Then he reached over and spread the cheeks of her ass. He proceeded to lubricate her asshole real good so he could insert the colonoscopy tube without problems. The doctor’s finger slipped just a bit as he was inserting his finger and accidently touched the lower portion of her pussy. The jelly felt cold on her asshole and pussy lips and she flinched just a bit. He finished the lubrication and got the tube ready for insertion into her asshole.

He slowly pushed the flexible tubing up into her asshole. It was slightly uncomfortable at first but Elizabeth soon got used to it. He laid a hand on one cheek of her ass as he was peering into the viewer that showed her innards. In the past, she had always felt very awkward whenever she was exposed and touched this way during a doctor’s exam. But this doctor’s touch felt rather pleasant so she started to relax a bit while he was probing her ass. Her previous doctor had been a much older man so she never had any sexual feelings whenever he had examined her. But, the fact that this doctor was young and handsome and was now looking at her fully exposed ass stirred up a bit of sexual excitement within her. She also knew that he had a view of her pussy and the thick and curly brunette pubic hair that covered her Mound of Venus! She decided that she would have some harmless fun and give herself a little thrill. Without really thinking about it, she lifted her right leg ever so slightly to give him a better view of her goodies. She tried to make this look like a natural shifting of body position.

As the exam progressed, Elizabeth noticed that his hand was very slightly rubbing and squeezing her ass cheek. She was surprised by that but liked the way it felt. The doctor finally finished the exam and pulled out the tubing out of her asshole. He got up and walked over to a drawer to get some paper towels. As he did, she could see him out of the corner of her eye. She saw that his pants had a very pronounced bulge in front! She instantly realized that he had gotten an erection at the sight of her nakedness! This startled her and caused feelings of uncertainty within her. Should she stay quiet or say something to him about it?

Elizabeth was somewhat of a timid person and didn’t wish to make a scene so she stayed quiet. At the same time, this unique situation was stimulating her sexually despite her best efforts to suppress the feelings. She decided to play this by ear and see what developed next. She could always stop it if it went too far. He sat back down and started to wipe off some of the excess K-Y Jelly that had oozed onto her ass cheeks during the exam. This rubbing felt real good and when he wiped her pussy lips it sent an electric charge throughout her loins! She noticed that his breathing was becoming more rapid and she wondered what he was doing back there.

Elizabeth peered over her shoulder and saw that he was rubbing his cock through his pants while he was wiping off her ass! He glanced up and finally noticed that she was looking at him and he stopped his stroking. She couldn’t take her eyes off of his crotch because the bulge looked so massive! He realized what she was staring at and got a big grin on his face. He then slowly unzipped his pants and pulled out the biggest stiff cock that she had ever seen in the flesh! It looked to be at least 9” long, very thick and veiny. Her husband’s cock was puny in comparison to this monster! In spite of her shock, she was mesmerized at the sight of it sticking straight out just like a flag pole!

The doctor stood up and walked to the other side of the table where Elizabeth’s head was. She was terrified but, at the same time, even more sexually excited than before. He dropped his pants and brought the head of his cock to within inches of her face and proceeded to stroke that thick shaft slowly. She could see a bit of pre-cum oozing out of his cock hole. He moved forward and lightly touched her lips with the head. In a trance, she parted her lips and allowed him to slowly push his cock into her mouth. His cock head had a slightly musky and salty taste to it. Her tongue lightly flicked the head and this produced soft moans from him. She reached up and grabbed his shaft with one hand and cupped his big hairy balls with the other. Her fingers could not completely encircle the shaft because of it’s girth. She had sucked Nick’s cock many times in the past but this was a totally different situation for her. He pushed in a bit further but quickly pulled back because she started to gag a bit. He tried again and she let her throat relax so it could go in further.

Elizabeth started to hungrily lick and suck that massive prick as she squeezed and massaged his balls. This caused him to start fucking her mouth slowly at first but he quickly speeded up his thrusts because of the expert cocksucking that she was performing on him. He reached over and grabbed her ass and started to rub it again. She lifted her leg so that he could access her hairy pussy without problems. He proceeded to rub her pussy mound and then slowly inserted a finger inside her. She was very wet, partly from the jelly and partly from her mounting excitement. He fingered her clit and this caused her hips to move back and forth against his finger. Meanwhile, his cock thrusts into her mouth became more frenzied. Then he abruptly pulled his cock out and moved to the other side of the table and got directly behind her ass.

Elizabeth was still lying on her left side. The doctor grabbed her around the waist and pulled her to the edge of the table so that her ass was slightly hanging over the edge . She could feel his cock rubbing up and down in the crack of her ass. She realized what was about to happen. She was torn by conflicting emotions. She knew that this was utterly wrong but she was also feeling incredibly horny and lusty from seeing his giant cock and from having it in her mouth. Her lust won out and she went with that feeling. She badly wanted to feel this big cock inside of her!

The doctor spread Elizabeth’s ass cheeks and slowly started to insert his prick into her hairy pussy. The first thrust made her gasp with a combination of pain and pleasure. Nick’s cock had never felt like this! The doctor realized this and stroked very slowly at first so that she could get accustomed to him. She was soon used to his girth and the pain was replaced with intense pleasure. He started stroking deeper and faster. She reached through her legs and caressed his floppy balls as he thrust deeply into her hairy love hole. They both began moaning with pleasure. He loved the feel of her pussy hair tickling his shaft and her soft ass as he plunged into her depths. She loved the feeling of having her pussy completely stretched out and filled up with cock for the first time in her life. The lust that she was feeling was beginning to envelope her. She pushed her ass against his cock to get it in even deeper into her swollen cunt.


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