Gyno Catheter Exam


My Catheter Examination

This is a mostly true story. It happened when I was 19 years old. I am a
strawberry blonde with very curly hair and white skin and have always
been chubby with very round breasts. I had gone to a urologist at a
teaching hospital in my city for small amounts of urine escaping when I
would run or cough, etc. He recommended that I get tested to rule out
some more serious conditions. I had no idea what he had in mind or what
I was getting into, so I agreed.
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I showed up for my appointment not knowing what to expect. I was greeted
by a very young resident, not much older than myself. He instructed my
to remove all my clothes and change into a gown. There was a pitcher of
water and a glass, which he asked me to begin drinking to make sure I
had a full bladder.

He left the room while I changed into a very short gown that left the
bottom half of my body completely exposed. I finished the water and
nervously sat down on the table waiting with my hands in my lap very
embarrassed and trying vainly to cover up my pubic area. He came back in
the room with another young male resident and one of them told me to
just lay back on the table and place my legs in the stirrups. I did as I
was told and bothtushy gyn of them were staring at my now wide open exposed
vagina. They cranked the stirrups even farther apart so they could see
everything completely unobstructed. I felt the cool air on my open
pussy, and felt speechless and out of control. Plus I really had to pee
now after drinking all that water.

One of the residents took a warm wet washcloth and began to slowly wash
my exposed vaginal area, making sure to clean me very thoroughly, slowly
stroking my labia and pulling the lips out a bit so he could clean me.
As he was moving the skin around and opening me more with his fingers, I
begin to get aroused and squirm a bit under his touch. Then he informed
me that he would be inserting the catheter and I would feel a momentary
sting of pain and then an urge to pee, but would not be able to. I had
no idea what he was talking about.

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One of the residents’ took hold of my labia and stretched them far apart
while the other one inserted the catheter, telling me to breath out as
he put it up into my bladder. So now I am lying back with a catheter
sticking out of me. He began to have me pee at periodic times, while he
would catch the pee in a bucket and measure the outcome to see how much
my bladder could hold. I couldn’t believe the sensation of having to pee
in front of the two men and having no control over my bladder. At some
points they just “made” me pee and others would stop it midstream.
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Although I was incredibly embarrassed, I was also in a kind of altered
sub state and aroused at the same time. No wonder years later I love
having my lover lick and play with my urethra as much as my clit. He has
learned to stimulate both at the same time, pulling the labia, licking
my clit and running his tongue and fingers over my urethra. This reminds
me of this first exam and drives me crazy!



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