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As she untied her gown, it slipped slowly down as I moved away
the portion that covered her smooth shoulders. She gathered it just at
the cleavage of her breasts and held it there, covering half of those
perfectly round beauties, while I moved the stethoscope over her bare
back. The profile of those round beauties were clearly visible as I
explored her shapely back.

“Take a deep breath for me please… good… let it out. Again
please. Out… Again… out please… and so on.”

She complied so willingly. I peeked at those perfectly round
breasts she was so sheepishly trying to cover as I moved the
stethoscope around to her chest.

Now came the moment of revelation!

“Let the gown drop to your waist please.”

There it went!… Oh, God! What magnificent breasts! She
didn’t make an effort to cover them either. Well, what for? She knew I
would be getting my hands on them next. She was breathing very shallow
now… I surmised it must be her embarrassment. She certainly couldn’t
be ashamed of that great body though.

I moved the stethoscope around those beautiful round breasts
carefully while being very professional.My penis was getting rock
hard! I had to lean against the edge of the exam table, as I became
self conscious of my growing excitement. I next took out the blood
pressure sleeve and attached it to her shapely arm.

medical fetish brunette

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Once in the room, Nancy started unbuttoning my uniform.  “No,” I repeated.She smiled.  “No nerves now,” she said.  I didn’t move away.

Nancy kept undressin g me and was taking off my bra.  Rachel slipped in the door and stood there watching.  I glanced behind me–Susanne was wearing only her panties!  “This will help,” said Nancy.  She had a restraint in her hand.  Susanne and Rachel grabbed my arms while Nancy fastened them behind me.”Please, no,” I pleaded.  I made no move to get away.”Up on the table,” Nancy said, guiding me onto it on my stomach.Susanne had K.Y. Jelly.  Rachel opened the door and looked down the hall.

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Then he said he needed to listen to her chest and heart. Without missing a beat, he took hold of the gown and slipped it forward over her shoulders, sliding it down until the whole top of her gown was resting in her lap. If Dianne had known this might happened, she might have worn a different bra. The one she had on was full enough, but quite sheer. As she sat there I could see the outline of her pink nipples showing through the bra, and I was sure he could see even more detail. His head wasn’t more than a foot away from her breasts as he moved the stethoscope from place to place.

At first he kept it on her upper chest, pressing in on the swell of her breasts above the bra. But each time he moved the stethoscope, he went lower until he reached the top of the bra. He held it there for a moment, shook his head, and told her he needed her to slip the left shoulder strap down for a moment. She did it for him, and he moved the stethoscope toward the  center of her chest and down, holding it a moment and listening, then moving it down another half inch or so and listening again.

It didn’t take long for the pressure of his hand and the stethoscope to cause her left bra cup to gap open. I couldn’t see from my angle, but it was pretty obvious she was exposed, and that all he had to do was glance down to see the whole top of her breast, naked all the way to her nipple. (more…)

Sandras Medical Adventure

“Hello Sandra, please go behind the curtain and put on this gown.”

he said handing her a hospital gown. She took the gown and went behind the curtain.The wall behind her was some sort of opaque glass and she couldn’t see through it, so she definitely couldn’t see the camera behind it next to Sarah who was sitting rapt in the entire proceedings. She didn’t notice the other hidden cameras around the room either.

“Once you’ve changed lie on the table, I’ll be back in a moment.” and then John ducked next door into Sarah’s office with his passkey. He went to the closet in the back and slipped inside. He was now in the alcove behind his office and he could quite clearly see Sandra starting to remove her top.
This stuff was great, it looks like black perspex, but it’s like a two way mirror.

Sarah was watching intently and John snapped back to reality in time to see Sandra slip her shirt off and  hang it up. Next she removed her sports bra and then her little pleated skirt. The bloomers and panties followed leaving her stark naked until she slipped her robe on. “This will be good babe, stay hear and watch the fun.” he said as he slipped back to his room. Sandra was laying on the table waiting for him as he came back in and locked the door.

“Well, let’s get started then.” and John picked up his stethoscope and walked over to her.

He reached down the front of her gown with the  stethoscope and pressed the cold metal against her right nipple. With a shocked little intake of breath she remembered her years of being doctored to and began the requisite breath in and breath out.

Then John repeated this with the left breast. As he removed his hand he brushed his finger tips across her nipple and felt how hard the cold metal had made it. He quickly took her blood pressure and then pulled out a thermometer.  “Have you ever had one of these examinations before?”

“No, I haven’t.” said Sandra “Well I’m afraid we have to do your temperature rectally. Do you understand?”
“You want to stick it up my arse?” “Yes, spot on. Now roll over and get up on all fours please” said John trying to contain his lust. He could see Sandra was hesitant to allow this to go  ahead, he was really going to enjoy cracking this one.

“I understand your reluctance, but I’m afraid it’s the necessary procedure and I can’t sign your form without it.” and that seemed to do the trick as she slowly rolled over and then slid up onto all fours. John walked around behind her and snapped on some latex gloves.

She flinched as she heard the latex snap
back, but then tried to force herself to relax. John spread some lube onto his finger and then applied it to her arse. She flinched back from each touch, but she stayed in position.

“Are we all ready?” asked John with a wink at Sarah behind the glass.

He then slid the thermometer into Sandra’s arse in one smooth movement.

reading dirty books

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I set that book down and picked up the other one. There was a picture of a girl in a nurse’s uniform on the front. Her top was unbuttoned and her large breasts were spilling out of her bra. Night Nurses was the title. I recognized this as a “fuck” book. I opened it up and began to read. “Gwen tensed as Doctor Bob ran his hand under her skirt and up to her soft ass
cheeks,” I read aloud, “His finger slipped under her panties and found the wet furrow of her soaking pussy.” I could feel my dick harden as I read a few more lines. “Gwen dropped to her  knees and began to loosen the drawstring of Doctor Bob’s surgical pants,” I continued, ” She pulled his scrubs over his hips, revealing his massive nine inch hard cock. She began
to kiss and lick the purple head, pausing occasionally to take the length of it into her mouth and down her throat.”
By this time, my own swollen cock had formed a tent pole in my shorts. “You’re all hard again,” she said as she stared at my crotch. She leaned over and put her hand on my hard pole. She looked at me and asked, “Can I make you spit again?” ” The word is cum,” I said. I quickly pushed down my shorts and underwear as Mary grabbed on to my five inch hard-on. I laid back on the blanket as Mary stroked up and down, using some of the pre-cum that appeared on my cockhead as lubricant. I could feel the sperm start to boil in my balls as she jacked me off.

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“Please untie your gown for me Judy.”
She didn’t even hesitate. I knew then that I had total control over her examination. I was encouraged now by the thought that she would comply with any of my demands. She continued to look a bit nervous, but that was to be expected. After all, she had to KNOW I was going to see her naked eventually! I’m sure that thought was prominently on her mind. I know it was on mine!
As she untied her gown, it slipped slowly down as I moved away the portion that covered her smooth shoulders. She gathered it just at the cleavage of her breasts and held it there, covering half of those perfectly round beauties, while I moved the stethoscope over her bare back. The profile of those round beauties were clearly visible as I explored her shapely back.
“Take a deep breath for me please… good… let it out. Again please. Out… Again… out please… and so on.”
She complied so willingly. I peeked at those perfectly round breasts she was so sheepishly trying to cover as I moved the stethoscope around to her chest.
Now came the moment of revelation! (more…)

anal exam story

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She returned a minute later, but I was ready, sitting on the examination table.  With her came the receptionist!  At least I had assumed she was a receptionist, but soon I realized the  nurse had brought her to assist with the examination. The nurse had me return to the center of the floor and she told me to remove my panties. After I did that, she had me put my  hands on top of my head again. Let me tell you, it was weird standing like that in front of those two women.  Then she gave the receptionist a rubber glove and told her to put it on.  When the receptionist had the glove on, the nurse put K.Y. jelly on her index finger.  Then she came to me, circled around behind me and dabbed some K.Y. jelly on my rear hole!  The receptionist came around behind me too, and soon I felt her finger right on my rear hole, probing its way in!  Soon she had her finger plugged in and she was standing right behind me so close I could feel her breath and smell her perfume too.  I couldn’t believe it.
Then the nurse came around in front of me, and put her hands lightly on my breasts again, rubbing the nipples lightly.  Then her handspassed lightly down from my breasts, down my stomach, right to the top of my sex!  Her fingers lightly touched the top of my cunt and then she ran her hands back up to my breasts, then started repeating that motion.
You can’t believe how self-conscious I felt.  I also definitely got turned on and felt like a pervert for getting turned on during a medical examination.  What would they think of me if they noticed?I struggled to hide it as best I could and kept my breathing pretty steady, considering my state.  It seemed like forever that she did that.

embarrassing gyno exam story

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“Very nice condition,” he said with only a hint of an Eastern accent.  “Very nice condition indeed.  Now, please lie back and put your feet in these stirrups.  We need to do an internal
examination,” he said as he pushed my onto my back and swung some strange metal devices out from the foot of the table.


My feet were quickly placed well out and above my body, and I knew my entire pelvic area was exposed to this man’s gaze — the first time since I was a little girl that any man had seen me “down there”.  I was so shy about my privates that I didn’t even let my Mommy teach me how to use tampons when my period started — I just taught myself, so no one else would see me “down there”.
After he got my feet into the stirrups, he put some straps around my ankles that held my feet.  There was no way I could move my legs together and hide my femininity.
The doctor then brought out a video camera and positioned it to show the “theater of operation”.  I could see — between my legs — large screen TVs stationed around the bleacher, each with a 4 foot high image of my private parts.    “As noted in the earlier examination, and as you can clearly see on your monitor, the subject has very sparse and very light pubic


The appearance of her external genitalia is almost immature and the inner labia are totally hidden by her external labia.  No external indication of her clitoris is apparent.  The subject is somewhat aroused by the previous anal procedure and her vulva is beginning to swell.  Vaginal secretions are beginning to become apparent at the base of her vulva, above the opening of her vagina.  I will now retract the external labia and expose the subject’s inner vulva.”

playing nurse medical fetish story

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On Tuesday evening of that week there were two physical exams scheduled. The first was a 19 year old female student who needed a “sports” physical in order for her to participate in sports at her high school. I hadn’t recognized her name, ‘Amanda’, but I took a special interest in her physical description taken by the receptionist. He hadn’t examined a young female patient since early last month. I know he often took great pleasure in this, and I did too.

Ms. Amanda arrived right on time and checked in at George’s reception desk with the medical secretary. I peeked in at her through an open exam room door that looked out to the small waiting area. I was really pleased at what I saw. Amanda was a stunning beauty. Very shapely in jeans and a nice red sweater.
She appeared to be very nervous, but that was expected. After all, she was probably worried about the exam and what the doctor would be like. The secretary told her “please have a seat Ms.Amanda, we’ll call you soon”.
Ahem….”Ms. Amanda?”
“Please come with me”.
Ms. Amanda raised her shapely frame from her seat and began following me down the hallway from the reception desk to one of our four exam rooms. She was right on my tail….I didn’t look back. I entered first, then held the door for her as she whisped by and into the exam room. I noticed that she smelled terrific too. I closed the door behind us.
I had her appointment card and information sheet on a clipboard as I asked her to take a seat on the chair next to the examining table.
“Ms. Amanda, I need to take a medical history from you before you see the doctor. Then I’ll ask you to disrobe and take a seat on the exam table here so I can do some tests….O.K. with you?”
“Ah….I guess so..”
“Just relax dear. Now, when did you last have a complete physical examiniation?”
“It was ……….when I started high school in North Carolina. That was two years ago”.
“Was that a school physical too?”
“Well….. then its time to have a more in depth examination,  especially since you are going to be competing in school sports… plus the time since your last one, don’t you think so?”
“Well, I guess so…. I need the physical before the school will let me participate in any sport”.
She certainly was very good looking. Long chestnut brown hair very fine. She seemed to be a 35C and a 23 waist if I had to guess for accuracy; just a great shape, nice flat tummy and shapely hips.
“Well, Doctor George is very thorough and I’m sure you will have his best attention today to make sure everything is fine with your health.”
I then spent about 10 minutes getting her medical history. I especially wanted to hear answers about her sexual experience, if any. She replied “no” to ever having sexual intercourse, but I just felt she was not being entirely honest with me on that one. But she did seem to be terribly nervous. I kept telling her just to relax and that there was no reason to get uptight. (more…)

male doctor gyno exam story

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The nurse handed the doctor a tube of lubricant which he applied to his now gloved fingers.  With one hand, he parted the lips of my vulva  and, gently holding the lips of my labia between thumb and finger,  worked down each side.
“You obviously take care of yourself.  …. no lesions or gland  inflammation.  ” he observed . 
Holding back the covering hood of flesh, my clitoris was revealed  and it , together with the area surrounding my urethra, came in for  their share of diagnostic probings.
His finger traced the sensitive ridge sending a tiny chill of  pleasure up my spine.  No other exam had ever evoked that kind of response !
Moving his hand down to the opening of my vagina, two fingers were  inserted and moved up inside me until I felt them at the tip of my  cervix.  He then rotated the fingers, pressing against the walls of  my vagina and uterus in each direction.
“Just breath through your mouth, Ms.  Broderick …..  and let  yourself go ” he soothingly advised.   Withdrawing his gloved hand, the nurse handed him a vaginal  speculum - the nurse once more told me to relax and I felt the instrument enter my vaginal cavity, then a bit of  pressure inside as the sides were opened.  The Doctor adjusted the work lamp and peered down intently. 
After, perhaps, a scant minute, and withdrawing the instrument, the Doctor walked to the head of the table, ” Everything looks just fine there …..  your a very healthy woman.

anal exam routine story

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The nurse indicated a screened dressing area.  I was then instructed to strip …  completely …  handed a cotton, patterned kimono, and a pair of-terri-cloth stretch slippers.  I asked if I might use the bathroom and was told pleasantly “No, dear, that will be taken care of later”. 

As I started to undress, I heard her opening and closing drawers and cabinets , but resisted the temptation to peek out from behind the dressing
screen.  I removed my jacket, blouse and skirt, slip, and bra.  Hesitating a moment, I slipped my panty hose down my legs and stood naked before the full
length mirror on the wall. 

Thankful for the slim image there; still firm up-turned breasts with their now erect rose-bud nipples, the light brown bush of pubic hair and, turning around, ran a hand over my peach-shaped posterior.  “Enough !”  I thought and slipped into the kimono, which came to mid-thigh, and slippers. Having made up my mind to go through with this, robe tie held, I stepped out from behind the screen.

“Now, first I will need to take your blood pressure and temperature, so just sit down on the edge of this table and try to relax” she said and smiled.
Slipping the black cuff over my arm, she counted down the blood pressure and then said “Your blood pressure is perfectly normal , now I need
to take your temperature.”
From a tray that I had not taken note of on the counter, she picked up the thermometer, a pair of latex gloves, and a tube of KY jelly.
Turning back to me, I had opened my mouth in anticipation, she said “No, the Doctor wants your temperature taken rectally, so I’ll need to have
you stretch out on the table, and just turn over on your tummy.”
She then helped me climb up on the table, turn over, and then, sitting on the table behind me, she turned up the hem of the kimono until it was
resting just below the small of my back leaving my buttocks exposed.
I listened as she snapped a glove into place on her hand and then felt the cool latex-clad thumb and forefinger spread my buttocks from either side
of my anus.  I buried my head in my arms and blushed at the contact in so private an area, then had to stifle an involuntary sob as I felt a gloved
and lubricant-laden finger enter my rectum to the second joint after which the bulb of the thermometer was held poised at my anus.
“Now, this may be a little uncomfortable for just a minute, so relax.” she said and with that I felt the bulb firmly pushed on into my bottom.
Once inserted she then placed the gloved hand across my bottom cheeks, holding the glass tube firmly between two fingers.  I could feel the
instrument resting in my bowel and then, after several minutes , felt the sliding of the bulb past my sphincter as it was withdrawn.
“Your temperature is also normal …. and now I’m going to give you an injection of a very, very, mild sedative in your hip, so why don’t you just
remain as you are on your stomach.”
Turning my head I watched her pick up the hypodermic syringe from the instrument tray and, turning back to me, felt the cold alcohol swab on my
left buttock as she prepared the site for the injection.  Her technique was practiced, and I felt only the slightest sting as the needle entered my rump; was withdrawn a moment later.  She then lowered the hem of the robe to
cover my buttocks.

gyno exam orgasm story

Then she began to put some jelly on her palm and slowly applied it to all of her fingers. I wondered when she put some cream around her finger wearing no gloves. She was preparing to inspect my vagina without using gloves . She entered one finger at the beginning then pushed another finger slowly . I was flying and she was fingering me very passionately . She kept on fingering me for around five minutes or so till the secretary knocked the door for the next patient . I told her after we finished about the test and she said it was normal . (I was whispering to my self….normal my ass) . I told her “Doctor I am getting aroused I feel that I am going to cum hooo ahh hahh ” then I came with a climax. “Don’t worry dear sometimes it happens, that came with that bitch TV news reader, she was dripping wet when I applied my fingers into her vagina, its common to me, perhaps some women like my delicate touch” , she consoled me saying it was quite normal . Her answer did not give me any indication of what she is thinking about . I left her without knowing what does she wants . She did not asked me for any mutual sex to made me believe she is lesbian . Is she really enjoying fingering women? and thats it . She made me very curious to know and some idea came into my mind .